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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 279

DBZ- Japanese-Subtitled.
Episode Number 279. Seize the future! The Big Battle over the universe.
The episode starts off with a stand off between SSJ Gokuu and Majin Buu. Majin Buu starts laughing and thus, it can be heard around the universe. Vegita then makes it evident saying "I can fight with my full power on this planet" and Son Gokuu sneers and looks on. Gokuu then orders Kaiohshin to take the others to a different planet, and then says that his bout with Buu wont be easy, and he fears that someone will get injured. Kaiohshin then bids them luck, and Vegita looks on with a casual "Thanks Old Man" Dende then wishes luck to the two Saiya-jin and then Kaiohshin transport them to a seperate planet. Kaiohshin and the others land in a grassy plain with a log near by.

They then stick their crystal ball onto the log and intently watch on. Gokuu and Vegita then decide who's going first by an exciting game of Rock Paper Scissors, and Gokuu wins and comments that Vegita "might not have his turn". Gokuu then says that he could have easily beaten Fat Buu in SSJ3, but says "I wanted the young guys to do something for the future of the earth". Gokuu taunts Buu for a little while, then find out why he's been so quiet. He's been Sleeping! Gokuu then sikes himself up by replaying the destruction of Earth and changes into SSJ2 form. With the wind rushing against his face, Buu finally wipes the drool off his face and wakes up (What a relief, eh?) and starts pounding his chest roughly, and screaming wildly. (He's evidently powering up) Mr Satan (Hercule) wakes up from a slumber at the sound of Buu's crazy howls and climbs up some rocks and sees Buu powering up in the distance. He then finds a friend tugging on his pants. 

It's Bee! The lovable canine friend! King kai and Krillin, and Yamucha look on at the scene on kaiohshin kai, and Krillin notices that Buu is going to fight Son-Kun equally. West Kai then comments on how Gokuu saved them all. Back to the fight! Gokuu teleports to on top of Buu and knees him in the head, yet Buu keeps pounding his chest. Son-Kun then kicks him in the head and Buu flies off wildy, still pounding his chest! Buu haults to a stop and lifts his hand and forms a ki energy beam which he launches at SSJ2 Gokuu, and he dodges easily. He comes up to Buu and Swiftly deals him yet another blow to the head. Buu lolls his head as Gokuu looks him in the face. Buu looks down to see Son Gokuu forming a Ki energy ball in his hands! He launches it at Buu, and it envelopes the demon in a glowing yellow light. A large explosion occurs and Satan believes Son-Kun's done it! but in reality... he hasnt. Vegita watches on, and when Buu forms whole again he comments "I thought so".

Buu launches a punch to Gokuu's head, and makes him fly backwards, but while this is happening Buu launches a ki attack and a large explosion occurs, and whn smoke clears Buu is still chasing after and bouting with Son Gokuu. The deal each other many blows, making each other squeal with pain until, they start retaliating with ki attacks. In the background, Satan watches the explosions and comments "Is this a dream or what!? It's so dramatic!" Then Buu jams his foot in the ground and it appears out of the ground infront of Gokuu, dealing him a blow on the head. He does this many times 'til Gokuu gets the idea and steps on the next upcoming foot and jams it back up to Buu's body, and Son-Kun lunges at Buu. They deal each other many more hits until the whip on Buu's head lashes out and jokes Gokuu! Gokuu gets twirled around in circles as Satan goes, "You can do it Blonde guy!". Buu finally lets Son Gokuu go, and he flies into a mountain, cracking it in peices. Gokuu pushes the mountain crumbling around him, with buu ontop, getting the worst split of his life.the fight even more, and  Dai Kaioh realizes their powers are huge.. by shaking the crystal ball. The fighting continues...
 Buu uses an attack that absorbs other ki and launches it at Son-Kun who "catches" it and is through around like a rag doll. The Ki launches down on Gokuu again and large craters form everywhere and Lightning strikes everywhere. Gokuu realizes Buu is a joke, but has huge speed and strength, and Gokuu gets serious, going SSJ3! The action continues.. Vegita soon comments on how Son-Kun has gotten serious, and so ends the episode, with SSJ3 Son Gokuu charging towards Majin Buu.
                                    ~Infamous Cell

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