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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 276 - Where's the Exit!!!?  Escape from the Failing Buu!!!

Dragonball Z Episode 276

Japanese dubbed version

Episode title: Where’s the Exit!!!? Escape from the failing Buu!!

Goku and Vegeta were fighting Majin Buu inside Buu’s head, they couldn’t do nothing to him, then Vegeta fainted and Goku was facing Buu. In a corner of the head of Buu there was Fat Majin Buu’s enveloped in a cocoon, Goku started to do his last effort to try to kill Majin Buu, and started to fire all kinds of blasts all over his head, one of the blasts was going to cut Fat Buu’s cocoon but when Majin Buu saw that, he immediately destroyed that blast. Vegeta noticed that if they cut that cocoon Majin buu will return to a weaker form, meanwhile Majin Buu was going to kill goku, but Vegeta stood next to Fat buu’s cocoon and told him “Stop if you don’t want me to cut this” Majin Buu frightened told him “Don’t do that please”, but Vegeta didn’t paid attention and cuted Fat Buu’s cocoon, when he did that Majin buu started to shout and to transform into a different thing, Vegeta took Piccolo’s and Trunks Cocoon’s with him as Goku took goten and Gohan’s cocoon with him, and both were trying to find a way out from Majin Buu’s body. Majin buu’s body was going hotter and hotter if Goku and Vegeta couldn’t escape they were going to die due to the hot temperature, but finally they found an exit that was one of the holes in Majin Buu’s head. When They got out they thought that all was over, but they felt an increment in Majin buu’s KI and went back to the place were Buu was, but for surprise of them Buu turned into a more little Buu, meanwhile both Kaioshins were watching the battle and when Kaiou-bit saw that Majin buu turned into this small Buu, he started to shout frightened saying “ohh no!” “This can’t be possible”, What could mean this new Majin Buu form? Watch it in Dragonball Z next episode “Good Bye Earth!!! Buu fall’s into evil...” :)




Series: Dragon Ball Z
type: Japanese subtitled
episode: #276 Where's the exit!!!?Escape from the falling Buu!!!
     Gokou saves Vegita from some goo stuff with a Ki blast. He tries to fly away with Vegita but Super Buu stops him. Gokou tries to fight, but isn't doing good. Super Buu says all he has to do is wait for Gokou to run out of energy. Kaiou-bit and Rou Kaioushin want to see what is going on inside of Super Buu's body.
    Vegita starts to wake up. Gokou starts firing numerous renzoku ki blasts at Super Buu. When Gokou's blasts get too close to Fat Buu's absorption pod, Super Buu goes to protect it. Vegita notices this. Gokou begins to run out of energy and falls to his knee. Super Buu appears right in front of Gokou's face and begins charging an Ki ball. before he can shoot Gokou with it, Vegita says he will pull Fat Buu. Super Buu pleads him to stop and races toward Vegita. Vegita pulls out Fat Buu's absorption pod and Super Buu melts into a puddle. The real Super Buu starts screaming in pain.
    Gokou and Vegita fly through Buu's body looking for an exit with Gohan's, Piccolo's, Goten's, and Trunks' absorption pods. They fly through a part of Buu that is very hot. Gokou burns himself on it. Then they hear this noise and this steam rushes upwards, almost hitting them. They fly towards where the blast went and see an opening. Gokou figures out that it is the steam that comes out of Buu when he is angry. Gokou waits for the steam to come close and charges a big Ki blast/beam. He fires it at te steam, to temporarily stall it. Then him and Vegita rush out of the holes on Super Buu's head. Super Buu is in a lot of pain. Gokou and Vegita catch Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks' bodies and place them down. Super Buu seems to be transforming. Kaiou-bit seems worries and says that Buu is going back to the way he used to be. Buu stops screaming and is the size of a kid.

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