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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 273 - No More Fusion, Buu's Digestive System Attacks

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode#273. No more fusion, Buu's Digestive system attacks.

    Evil Majin Buu is ecstatic!  HE BEAT EVERYONE!  Nobody can beat him now!  He's free!  He begins to roam around the Earth in his frantic happiness. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Satan begins to plot a way for him to 'knock Buu unconscious with his megapunch.'  Yeah, right.  Anyways, back with the supreme kaioh samas, on the holy planet, the old supreme kaioh sama is shocked, but is startled by something...  Why hasnt the Evil Majin Buu experienced a large power increase?  He did experience one with Gohan and Gotenks, but why not him?  Evil Majin Buu does realize that soon, but doesnt really care. 

Meanwhile, what's going on with Vegetto?

    Vegetto pops out of some bubble within Evil Majin Buu.  Vegetto seems to have some form of shield which wears off by the time Vegetto touches 'ground.'  Suddenly, ZAP!  Goku and Vegeta split the same way they fused. 

What happened?  Well, aparently Buu's digestive system wont allow for that kind of fusion.  Vegeta is not amused and he destroys his earring and swears never to fuse with Goku again.  Goku looks mad, but what can he do?  He smashes HIS earring too.  They walk around for a while, knowing that any sudden energy rush might let E.M.B. know that they have not really been absorbed yet.  By this time, the old Supreme Kaioh Sama gets a good view of Vegeta and Goku inside of E.M.B. with his crystal ball.  In that span of time, the realizes that Vegetto actually let himself be absorbed, so he would get a chance to go inside of E.M.B. and try to rescue Gohan and the gang.


    After a while, Vegeta and Goku begin to have trouble walking, so Vegeta blasts to another layer of tissue within E.M.B.  Needless to say, this gives E.M.B. some terrible stomach aches.  What's this now?  A lot of highly acidic green cells begin to attack Goku and Vegetta.  Vegetta blasts away the little nuisances, but Goku wont blast off and he is now covered by the green stuff.  Suddenly, a giant grey worm appears and tries to swallow Goku.....  Guess he has the worms.  Too bad this episode ends here.


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