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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 272 - Buu Fighting SSJ3 candy drop, and losing.  Vegetto gets Absorbed 

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode #272.  Buu Fighting SSJ3 candy drop, and losing. Vegetto get's Absorbed.

    Kaioh Sama is SHOCKED.  He looks at Krillin.  Maybe he can fight Majin Buu?  Not a chance!  Yamcha is still happy about being able to fight people who have his power level in the afterlife.  Maybe he can meet a girl?  Well, who cares?  We go back to the REAL fight.

    Evil Majin Buu is salivating.  He is holding the chocolate candy ball in his hand.  He can just taste it!  He closes his fist and laughs in the air!  But suddenly, E.M.B. punches his own face.  What the heck???  The chocolate candy ball starts floating around and begins to talk.  E.M.B. is surprised!  That's never happened before.  Vegetto may be a candy ball, but his Power Level is still the same.  The ball begins to 'punch' the air. 

Vegetto then challenges E.M.B. to hurt him... if he can.  The candy ball just punches E.M.B. around, but E.M.B. cannot hit him!  Evil Majin Buu's getting whipped by a candy ball?  Even when E.M.B. caught him, E.M.B. couldn't control him.  After tearing through his head, E.B.B. stops gets mad and turns Vegetto back to a regular person, thus ending one of the most bizarre fighting sequences in the whole DB franchise.

    Vegetto looks happy, but the old supreme kaioh sama is just terrified that Vegetto wont finish Evil Majin Buu off.  King Yenma and the old witch are just watching the fight from their big screen T.V.  King Yenma starts a conversation with the old witch, and tells how he convinced Vegeta to go back to Earth to fight Evil Majin Buu.  Not a very significant scene, but Vegeta does trash King Yenma's temple before he goes back to earth.

    Back with Vegetto, we are shown a really ticked off Majin Buu who cannot hit Vegetto.  Vegetto again whips E.M.B. despite some of his pink ki blasts.  Vegetto, shoots a ki blast so strong, E.M.B.'s body begins to have a hard time trying to regenerate.  Is E.M.B. finally weakening?  who knows? 

Vegetto is just whipping some pink tail.  Majin buu is left without lower legs, without an arm, and he gains a hole in his stomach.  He regenerates, except for the hole.  Vegetto has E.M.B. ready to die.  However, a confident Vegetto gives E.M.B. a chance to do something... with 10 seconds.  What is E.M.B. to do?  The only thing he can do is ABOSRB HIM.  With what, though? 

He notices that a piece of his head tail is lying on the ground behind Vegetto.  He controls the piece with his mind, which by the time Vegetto counts to 10, turns into a large cover that engulfs Vegetto.  Vegetto tries to fend it off, but its too late.... the piece of pink blob sticks to Evil Majin Buu's torso.  Dende, Mr. Satan, Old and the regular Supreme Kaioh Samas.... even fat Majin Buu's dog... are shocked.  Evil Majin Buu begins to laugh and curse at the air.  He flicks off Vegetto and dances around a bit. 

Is this the end of the world?  Nobody is left to fight E.M.B.!!!!!  Find out what happens next episode...


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