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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 271 - Buu's Favorite Technique!!  Become Candy- 
Japanese Subbed
Episode: #271
Title: Buu’s Favorite Technique!!  Become Candy!!


After nearly shattering the dimesional walls of the universe, Buu continues to fight Vegetto but is unable strike him.  Buu curses and says that this shoudln’t be happening and Vegetto himself is suprised that he has become so much stronger than him.  Buu says that you leave me no choice and uses Gotenks’s Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, but Vegetto says that you must be desperate because you are using an attack a child thought up.  Buu attacks using the ghosts, but Vegetto easily destroys them.  Buu says that there is another way for him to use them and creates more ghosts.  Vegetto says that nothing will change just because you have more of them and prepares to destroy them but the ghost fire Kamehameha first.  

Vegetto tries to dodge the Kamehameha but the ghosts can control them by remote control.  Vegetto dives into a canyon to escape the blasts, but three ghosts appear in front of him and fire Masenkou.  The blasts connect and there is a huge explosion and Buu thinks that he killed him, but Vegtto used Instantaneous Movement and blew off Buu’s head from behind.  Vegetto said that it was a nice try but a child’s attack is still a child’s attack, Buu gets angry, heals himself, and continues to fight Vegetto.  Buu says that it’s not fair that you two fused, but Vegetto says how can you say that after you have absorbed so many people.  Vegetto blocks all off Buu’s punches with his feet and says that even if you try harder you still can’t beat me. 

Buu can’t believe that he can’t hurt him, but comes up with an idea.  Buu tricks Vegetto into coming closer and asks him do you like coffee candy?  Buu’s forelock comes up, shoots a pink beam that hits Vegetto and changes him into a coffee candy that falls into his hand.  The old Kaioushin calls him a dumbass and Buu’s trying to decide whether to let him melt away slowly in his mouth or crunch him up?

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