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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 270 - Episode #270. The Dimension is Shattered! Is Buu out of control?!

So what if Vegetto turned Super Saiyan?  A SSJ3 didnt stand a chance against an Evil Majin Buu that absorbed Gohan.  Vegetto then explains that this was no ordinary SSJ.  But not to worry, he quickly zoomed over to whip Evil Majin Buu.  And I mean WHIP.  Evil Majin Buu didnt stand a chance against this powerful warrior!  Evil Majin Buu was completely destroyed a couple of times in this stance, but he kept regenerating.  His inability to harm Vegetto, though was making him mad...  He kept releasing smoke in hope that it would cloak his moves, but Vegetto was not fooled... he went into the cloud of smoke and whipped Evil Majin Buu.  E.M.B. was getting infuriated... and when Vegetto started taunting him for being so weak, Evil Majin Buu turned the sky dark and begin releasing energy at an alarming rate!  Suddenly, bright cracks of light began to appear in the sky.

A flash back is in effect....  when Buu became extremely infuriated in the room of time and spirit (a.k.a. hyperbolic chamber) when he thought that he was trapped in there forever, his sudden release of energy opened a hole in that strange dimension...

Could it be that Evil Majin Buu’s rage was destroying THAT dimension? 

Vegetto wasnt going to stay put to see that happen.  He rushed up to beat up Evil Majin Buu, but E.M.B’s energy field was too strong!  Vegetto could not actually get through it!  bigger cracks began to form in the sky, so Vegetto powered up and after some struggling, broke through the force field and punched E.M.B. square in the jaw.  E.M.B. fell to the ground.  He got up and seemed to not know what exactly just happened.  The sky turned back to normal, and Vegetto was ready to attack again.  How can anyone ever kill a guy that keeps regenerating in such an easy way?  The episode ends.


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