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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 268 - Vegeta’s Pride and Son Goku’s Anger!!! The Birth of the Invincible Hero

Goku is in despair.... Gohan has been absorbed and Majin Buu’s as strong as ever!  Evil Majin Buu is so confident that he gives Goku 10 seconds to find somebody to fuse with.  With Tenshikan (again, dont know the spelling, but he is also known as Tien) fainted, he could not fuse with him.  He looked at Dende and imagined fusing with him....  He’d be a weird green Goku.  But nothing much could come out of that seeing that Dende is fairly weak.  Then, he saw Mr. Satan, and imagined fusing with him.  Could ANYTHING really come out of that?  But Goku was running out of time....  with everybody else dead on earth, there was nothing he could do.  He was about to throw the fusion earring at Mr. Satan, but suddenly, he felt an incredible ki!  Could this be???  Yes!  Its Vegeta!  Goku teletransports to Vegeta just as the countdown ends.  How did Vegeta get on earth?  King Yemma gave him a chance to come down for a limited time (kinda like what Goku did before).  Vegeta’s body was kept just in case something like what is going on where to occur.  Goku finds Vegeta with a ring over his head...  Evil Majin Buu feels where Goku went and heads in that direction at a very fast speed.  Goku quickly explains what has been going on and begs Vegeta to fuse with him, but Vegeta refuses seeing that Goku ‘held back’ his SSJ3 transformation from their fight.  Evil Majin Buu arrives at the scene, and Vegeta turns SSJ2 (like that will help).  Vegeta fights Evil Majin Buu for a while...  and he gets his behind whipped.  Goku tries to help Vegeta as SSJ2, but Evil Majin Buu is just too strong.

Finally, Vegeta agrees, and Goku tosses him the earring.  Vegeta cant get it on and Evil Majin Buu is coming to attack them!  Goku then tells Vegeta that the fusion is everlasting.... which infuriates Vegeta, “Dont tell me this sort of stuff NOW!”  He finally gets it on, and ZAP!  Goku and Vegeta’s body slam into each other and FUSE.  When the smoke clears, Evil Majin Buu is staring upon Vegetto...  a character that looks like if Goku and Vegeta mated and had a grown up child.


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