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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 267 - One More Miracle.  The Super Fusion With Gohan

Episode #267. One more Miracle. The Super Fusion With Gohan...

Gohan is doomed.  Evil Majin Buu looks at the weak Gohan and he is about to finish him off.  Back in heaven, Goku teletransports back to earth now that he is alive again.  Evil Majin Buu suddenly feels another ki surge....  Its Goku!  Goku looks confident, and so does Evil Majin Buu. 

He’s fought him before....  as fat Majin Buu.  Goku says that this is not going to be the same and he tosses the fusion earring to Gohan and tells him to put it on his right ear.  However, Gohan drops the earring into the raised earth around him.  Goku screams in shock and Evil Majin Buu begins to attack, so he turns into a Super Saiyan 3 to fend off Evil Majin Buu while Gohan looks for the earring.  Dende steps out from behind the rocks and replenishes Gohan’s health...  Gohan finally finds the earring!  But what’s this?  Evil Majin Buu’s clothing suddenly changes...  instead of Gotenk’s clothing, he wears Piccolo’s shoulder blades.  Gotenk’s fusion must have worn off.  Without a need for fusion, Goku stops Gohan from wearing the earring.  Goku gets the sencond earring from Gohan.  Evil Majin Buu is infuriated....  so he releases a pink blob of his body that catches Gohan off guard and ABSORBS him.  Evil Majin Buu suddenly obtains Gohan’s clothing and is PLENTY strong.  Goku cant even challenge him in his SSJ3 form!  He steps on the ground and looks around to see who he can fuse with... Tensikamen (forgot the spelling... he is also known as Tien in the English episodes) is unconcious...  so only Dende and Mr. Satan are left...  He needs SOMEONE...  Evil Majin Buu’s about to attack.... and the episode ends.


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