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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Japanese Subtitled
Episode #264
Title: Gohan can't be beat! Buu-self Destructs.

My name is Michael Onaga. My website is

Buu becomes infuriated after Gohan calls him dumb, however he 
still can't land any hits on Gohan. Buu fires a mouth blast at Gohan, but 
Gohan pushes it back into his mouth causing him to explode. Gohan tells Buu 
that he can never win however, Buu reveals that he already knew of Gohan's 
existance while fighting Super Gotenks. Buu says that he won't allow anyone 
to be stronger then him and that the next time they fight he will kill him. 
Buu charges up and self-destructs, but Gohan tells everyone that Buu is still 
alive, he's just hiding his "ki". Trunks says that Gohan is just as strong 
as Super Gotenks, but Goten says that his brother is slightly stronger. 
Piccolo asks Gohan how he got so powerful and Gohan explains that the old 
Kaiou-shin used his psychic powers to allow Gohan to surpass his natural 
limits of power.
Gohan asks Piccolo for the dragon radar, but Piccolo says it's worthless 
now since Dende is dead. Gohan says that Dende is still alive, just hiding, 
so they go out and look for him. They find that Buu has killed everyone on 
Earth except for Mr. Satan, (Hercule) and decide to take him along. They 
find Dende who tells them that he was saved by Mr. Popo and Satan is suprised 
to learn that Dende is God. Mr. Satan starts to cry when he learns that Buu 
killed Videl, but becomes happy when he learns that she can be resurrected 
with the dragonballs. Buu returns and Satan asks why he killed everyone, but 
Piccolo says that it's no use he's not the same Majin Buu anymore. Buu 
challenges Trunks and Goten to a rematch, but Buu's back moves around 
strangely. Gohan says that Buu hasn't gotten any stronger and wonder's what 
he's planning.



Japanase Episode
Episode #264. Gohan can't be Beat! Buu self Destructs
    Well, in this episode, we start off with an Evil Majin Buu with a crazed look in his eyes.  I mean, the crazy expressions in this saga are really AWESOME.  Anyways, pink thunder begins to spike around Majin Buu a-la SSJ2 style...  He utters that he is very upset that he cannot beat the ultra-charged Gohan.  He keeps repeating this until... Gohan knows... only Gohan knows what's about to happen...  He dives for Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks and rushes them out of the scene immediately....  Majin Buu's self-destructing!  A big flash fills the sky.... you'd think that with Majin Buu's powers, he could destroy the entire solar system and beyond....  But no.  There is this huge mushroom cloud.  Meanwhile, the lonely Mr. Satan (Hercules for those of you english episode watchers out there) arrives at a bar to get a beer.  Salivating and everything... he is about to take a gulp of his big butt beer, but a radioactive wave hits the empty town he is in and destroys everything.  Mr. Satan is ticked, and he goes back out on the road to see the big cloud.
   Meanwhile, back with Gohan and the gang, Gohan cant tell why Majin Buu didnt destroy the planet with his apparent 'self destruction.'  They can still feel his ki, so he's not gone.... What's this?  Dende's still alive too?  Dende is spotted on the ground, alive and well.  He explains that Mr. Popo literally kicked him out of the Kame Flying Island, right before Majin Buu got out.  Whoa!  They also spot Mr. Satan on the ground and explain (sort of) what has happened, as well as the fact that her daughter has been turned to chocolate and eaten.  Mr. Satan is crushed, but then he is told about the dragonballs and goes berzerk.  Finally, EVIL Majin Buu shows up. 
After some arguing, he gets Goten and Trunks to fuse and fight....  This episode is over....  and by golly, this whole saga is just too unpredictable.




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