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Japanese Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode #262


262. Even Greater, The Remade Gohan goes To Earth...(Japanese subtitled)

The episode starts out with Evil Majin Buu's blast from the last episode. 
Piccolo and SSJ3 Gotenks narrowly escape. Piccolo makes a remark that if 
the blast had hit the Earth, the whole planet would have been destroyed. 
SSJ3 Gotenks gets mad and fires his Continuing Death Death Missiles (another 
special attack I presume). Piccolo tells SSJ3 Gotenks to stop because his 
attack my destroy the Earth and SSJ3 Gotenks makes a remark that no one is 
alive anyways (guess Mr. Satan doesn't count). Piccolo then says that the 
Dragonballs are still scattered over the planet and if they are destroyed, 
that the Earth can never be returned to normal. This gets SSJ3 Gotenks 
attention and he stops his attack. 

As usual, SSJ3 Gotenks thinks that Evil Majin Buu is done for again since he used a very powerful attack. Evil Majin Buu comes up and SSJ3 Gotenks says that he has not gotten weaker not, even one bit. Piccolo then says that physically he may not be weaker but 
emotionally he is since Evil Majin Buu has never had to fight anyone that 
has his same level of strength. Then for some reason, SSJ3 Gotenks's nose 
gets longer and he says that he has scared Evil Majin Buu. He says that 
should not be unusual since he is the strongest fighter in the universe. 
Piccolo says not to let your guard down or to get cocky because Evil Majin 
Buu is going to attack all out now. SSJ3 Gotenks then says he does not care 
because that's what he wants anyways.

 Evil Majin Buu then slams into SSJ3 Gotenks and grabs him. Then he slams him into the ground and of course a big fracture occurs on the surface. SSJ3 Gotenks then says that hurt and that Evil Majin Buu will now get it. The episode then flashes back to 
Kai-Oo-Shin's(Supreme Kai's) planet. Goku is cheering SSJ3 Gotenks on and 
Kai-Oo-Shin says how he cannot believe that SSJ3 Gotenks and Evil Majin Buu 
are fighting at a standstill. Then Gohans says how he won't have enough 
time to get there if old Kai-Oo-Shin does not hurry up with the powering up. 
Then it shows SSJ3 Gotenks smashing Evil Majin Buu into the ground. Then 
he tries to run into Evil Majin Buu, but he dodges. Evil Majin Buu then 
picks up SSJ3 Gotenks and puts him in a choke hold. The SSJ3 Gotenks bites 
him and Evil Majin Buu lets go. Then SSJ3 Gotenks charges at Evil Majin Buu 
and flies through his stomach and barely saving himself from crashing into a 
building. Evil Majin Buu then slams into SSJ3 Gotenks causing the building 
to crumble. SSJ3 Gotenks then says that he is pissed and will not show any 

He then flies at Evil Majin Buu, but Evil Majin Buu blows him away with some type of pink energy beam. SSJ3 Gotenks then counters with his yellow energy beam, which stuns Evil Majin Buu. The he kicks Evil Majin Buu and lets out an assault kicking and punching Evil Majin Buu. The episode goes back to Kai-Oo-Shin's planet with Goku still cheering them on saying that Gohan will not have a chance to fight. SSJ3 Gotenks then says he is 
going to finish Evil Majin Buu off where he can't regenerate and that he 
will totally erase Evil Majin Buu with his ki. When he is about to attack, 
the SSJ3 finally ends. It's too bad because Evil Majin Buu appears to be 
badly damaged. Evil Majin Buu then heals himself. Gotenks then starts to 
walk away. Evil Majin Buu stops him and then Gotenks says that he gives, 
but it was fun. Piccolo then says it is all over and nothing more can be 
done. Goku then tells the old Kai-oo-shin to hurry up since nothing else 
can be done except for Gohan to go to Earth. Old Kai-Oo-Shin says he has 
been done for awhile now and that Gohan can go. Everybody there is 
surprised that he has not told anyone. Old Kai-Oo-Shin says he has been 
done for 5 minutes and that he didn't tell anyone because it would be more 
dramatic to have gone when the kids were in a big pinch. Then Gotenks says 
he has not else left to do except for the, Super Ghost Kami-Kaze Attack!!! 
He says that his body has turned back to normal but that his techniques are 
just as powerful as ever. Gotenks then tells his Ghosts to go and blow Evil 
Majin Buu to bits. 

The Ghost group up and discuss that Evil Majin Buu looks strong they don't want to do this. Gotenks gets mad and orders them to attack. Evil Majin Buu then blows air and the Ghosts smash into each other causing themselves to blow up. Gotenks then says now is his chance to escape and he starts running away. Evil Majin Buu then fires a beam towards 
Gotenks causing him to fall down. The episode shifts back to Kai-Oo-Shin's 
with Gohan asking the old Kai-Oo-Shin how to surpass his limits. He tells 
him to gather his energy like he is going Super Saiyan. Gohan then begins 
to power up with the old Kai-Oo-Shin telling him to wait. This causes the 
old Kai-Oo-Shin to fall. After he is done, Gohan is impressed at how much 
stronger he has gotten. Everyone else realizes he has gotten a lot stronger 
also. Goku is surprised because Gohan is not in Super Saiyan form. He 
wonders if Gohan can surpass even this. 

The old Kai-Oo-Shin remarks that Super whatever is not that great. Kibit (Kabito) wants to to take Gohan to Earth himself, but the Kai-Oo-Shin says it is his responsibility, not 
Kibit's. Kibit says that he only wishes to take Gohan to Earth, then he 
will come right back since he would only be in the way of his saviour. 
Kai-Oo-Shin agrees. Goku then tells Gohan bye and that he belongs in the 
after-life now and will see Gohan again when he dies. Goku wishes he could 
take Gohan himself, but he cannot. Goku then tells him to do his best and 
to kill Evil Majin Buu. Then Goku and Gohan hug. Kibit then takes Gohan to 
Earth. Old Kai-Oo-Shin gets mad since Gohan did not thank him. Gohan asks 
Kibit to change his clothes to something that looks like his father's 
clothing. It then goes back to Evil Majin Buu beating up Gotenks. After 
the smoke clears, it shows Gotenks reverting back into Goten and Trunks. 
The episode ends with Evil Majin Buu walking towards them and Gohan flying 
towards where the action is taking place.

- Korean Guy

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