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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 260 - Inter-Dimensional Escape!  Super Gotenks 3?


My Name is Emerson Ison and I am writing about this episode because to me this is one of the saddest episodes in all of Dragonball Z.  Enjoy!!!


Japanese Title:Inter Dimensional Escape!  Super Gotenks 3?

Piccolo destroyed the only doorway out of the Room of Spirit and Time in order to stop Majin Buu’s reign of terror, however he learned that he didn’t have to because Super Gotenks lied about not having an attack to defeat Majin Buu.  Piccolo and Super Gontenks bicker back and forth about who is an idiot and Majin Buu complains about there being no candy.  Everyone in Sky Palace is relieved that Majin Buu is trapped except Bulma because her son and Goten are trapped along with Buu.  Buu screams out in anger of there being no candy and the sound waves of his voice create a hole leading back to Sky Palace.  Before being able to stop him, Buu escapes through the hole leaving Super Gotenks and Piccolo behind.  Piccolo and Super Gotenks attempt to use the same trick Buu used to break out, but they are not powerful enough.  Yamucha, Bulma, No.18, and the others hear a strange noise outside and see a moving pile of pink ooze.  To their horror they realize that it’s Majin Buu and that he’s hungry.  Buu changes everyone into chocolate and eats them and Gokou fuming with anger stares at Majin Buu devouring his friends on Kaioshin’s world through a crystal ball.  Piccolo and Super Gotenks try repeatedly to duplicate buu’s hole but to no success.  Super Gotenks upgrades to Super Gotenks 3 leaving Piccolo shocked.  Gotenks is now strong enough to create an identical hole, and both of them escape the Room of Spirit and Time.  When they return to Sky Palce however, they find that the temple has been destroyed and everyone is missing.  Piccolo asks Majin Buu what he did to them and Buu replies, “I turned them into chocolate and that they were delicious.”  In a fit of rage Super Gotenks 3 raises his “ki” to maximum and charges at Buu.

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