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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 259 -  I've Done It! The Ghosts Have Succeeded In Defeating Majin Buu!

Japanese (subtitled)
Episode #259: I've Done It! The Ghosts Have Succeeded In Defeating Majin Buu!

As the ghost floats there, Piccolo and Majin Buu wonder what this attack can
do. Gotenks tells the ghost to attack Buu, and the ghost charges. Buu hits
the ghost, and it explodes. Gotenks laughs at him and tells him that if you
so much as tap a ghost, it will explode. Piccolo warns Gotenks that Majin Buu
will regenerate, so Gotenks makes ten more Kamikaze Ghosts. However, by the
time he does this, Buu has regenerated. Gotenks has the ghosts line up in
formation. Two of the ghosts argue until Gotenks tells the to be quiet. The
ghosts count off.

Meanwhile, on Planet Kaioshinkai, Goku notices that he hasn't sensed Majin
Buu's energy for a while. Kaioshin agrees and wonder what happened. The Old
Kaioshin tells Goku that Piccolo led Buu into the dimension of time to fight.
Goku realizes he's talking about the Room of Spirit and Time. Both Goku and
Kaioshin wonder what Piccolo's up to.

Gotenks sends two of the ghosts to attack Buu, but this time Buu just dodges
them. They run into each other and explode. Gotenks and the ghosts huddle
together and think of a plan. Two ghosts shake hands before they fight, and
they explode. After getting back up, an angry Gotenks tells the others to
continue with the plan. Five of the ghosts charge at Buu, but suddenly stop
and pretend to look at something. As a curious Buu looks over their
shoulders, the ghosts grab onto Buu's neck and explode!

As the smoke clears, Gotenks and Piccolo look at a very weakened Majin Buu.
Gotenks tells the last ghost to fly into Buu's mouth and vaporize him from
the inside. The ghost does so, and there's another explosion. Gotenks
celebrates his victory. Piccolo tells him that they must burn the pieces of
Buu that are left before Buu regenerates. Gotenks agrees, and they start to
burn all  of the pieces. Afterwards, Piccolo tells Gotenks how well he did,
but suddenly, a strong wind starts to blow. Gotenks and Piccolo notice that
the pink smoke is gathering. Eventually, Majin Buu reforms!

Piccolo asks Gotenks if he has any other attacks. Gotenks decides to scare
Piccolo a bit, so he tells him that he's too weak to use any more powerful
attacks. Majin Buu suddenly grabs Gotenks and starts throwing him into the
ground. Gotenks calls Buu a freak, which makes Buu really mad. He throws
Gotenks far away, where Gotenks starts to power up. All of a sudden, Piccolo
destroys the entrance to the Room of Spirit and Time! Piccolo tells Buu that
he's trapped in there forever, so he can go ahead and kill them both. Gotenks
just stares at the remains of the entrance.

-Matt Fillman

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