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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 258 -  I'm Really going to fight this time! Super Gotenks goes all out...

Japanees Subbed:
The show starts off with Gotenks in the Room of Spirit and Time fighting against Buu.  Gotenks pulls out every move in his arsenal to try and take Buu down.  Buu even gave him a free shot to the face, which went unsuccessful.  Gotenks then takes a & time out; to go talk to Piccolo.  While talking to Piccolo, Gotenks says that he still has a lot left in him and that he is just toying with him to make it look like a good fight.  Buu gets tired of waiting and attacks Gotenks while he is talking to Piccolo.  Gotenks gets fed up toying with Buu and goes Super Saiyin.  Piccolo is impressed that Gotenks could go SSJ while fused, and Gotenks is happy cause he wants to make it look like a good fight.  Gotenks then uses a ring of energy to trap Buu.  Buu struggles greatly until he reveals that he is toying with Gotenks and breaks the energy ring with ease.  Buu then attacks Gotenks and is clearly winning the fight.  Gotenks then says something about a technique he has been perfecting for a long time.  

Martin Jacobsen


Japanese (subtitled)
Episode #258: I'm Really Going To Attack This Time!! Super Gotenks Pushes His

Gotenks tells Majin Buu that he wasn't fighting seriously. He jumps high into
the air and hits Buu with a Dynamite Kick, but Buu is unaffected. Gotenks
uses another Dynamite Kick, but still can't hurt him. Majin Buu asks if he
can attack yet, but Gotenks tells him to wait. He catches his breath, then
hits Buu with his Rolling Thunder Punch. This staggers Buu a little. Gotenks
attacks Buu with a series of made-up attacks that don't really do anything.
Gotenks stops for a second to remember which attack he's supposed to use
next. He soon continues his attack, but is suddenly back-handed by Buu.
Piccolo stands there in disbelief.

Gotenks sees Piccolo and tells Buu that he's taking a time-out. Gotenks drags
Piccolo out of earshot and tells him his plan. Majin Buu powers up and tells
Gotenks that his time's up. Gotenks spins in the air and tries to kick Majin
Buu, but ends up drilling into the snow and ice. Buu starts to ridicule
Gotenks, which makes him really mad. He breaks free of the ice and goes Super
Saiyan! Piccolo is surprised, saying he didn't know they could do that after
the fusion.

Gotenks tries to decide which attack he should use against Majin Buu. He
suddenly makes a ring of energy, the Galactic Donut, that starts to crush
Buu. Gotenks tightens the Galactic Donut and Buu screams in pain. He makes
the ring even smaller, which makes Buu scream louder. Gotenks thinks he's
won, but Buu says that he's just kidding. He breaks Gotenks' energy and
sweeps some energy dust off his arm. Buu tells Gotenks that, until now, he's
been the only one attacking.

Majin Buu charges at Gotenks, but Gotenks dodges him. Suddenly, Buu kicks him
in the face and he crashes into the ice. Gotenks gets up, but Buu hits him
again and he crashes into Piccolo. Gotenks gets up and attacks Buu in the
air, but gets knocked down again. This time, though, Gotenks powers up and
crashes into Buu head-on. Majin Buu falls to the ground, but Gotenks is just
momentarily stunned.

Buu gets up and starts laughing at Gotenks. This makes Gotenks mad, so he
shows Buu one of his secret moves: The Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Gotenks
powers up and spits out a white ball, which forms into a ghost that resembles
Gotenks. Piccolo can't believe what he's just seen. Buu looks intrigued.
Gotenks stands with the ghost, saying that he's won.

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