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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 257 - The Training was a success.  You're Finished Majin Buu.  

    The episode starts out w/ ChiChi going up to Buu and slaps him and yells at him for killing Gohan. Buu say become an egg and she does and he squashes her this ticks off Goten but Piccolo stops him and tells him and trunks to get in and train they only have 1 hour. When they get inside Trunks is worried because they only have rice and water for food. After 30 minutes Buu starts yelling he wants to fight them! So Piccolo takes him the very long way and Dende tells the others that if Trunks and Goten lose Buu will be traped forever Bulma ask what will happen to Trunks and Goten he said they could be wished back. They all agree that is a great plan. Buu is now getting very angry. During this time Roshi grabs Bulma's butt. In the training room Goten and Trunks feel confident they can win but when they turn USSJ it only lasts for 5 minutes so they say w/ 5 minutes left they will transform but Piccolo talks to their hearts and tells them get ready cause they will have to fight Buu sooner than expected. Finally Buu arrives and they fuse and Piccolo wonders why they didn't fuse as SS though he was relieved they fused right. Gotenks tells Buu he is a lot stronger so he punches Buu about 5 times and he is not affected at the least. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS FIGHT YOUR HARDEST GONTENKS
                                                                                                Kyle Posey


Japanese (subtitled)
Episode #257: The Training Was A Success! You're Finished Now Majin Buu!

Majin Buu is sitting by the hourglass that Piccolo made, waiting for an hour
to pass by. As the Z Warriors watch, Chi-Chi suddenly goes up to Majin Buu
and slaps him, cursing him for killing Gohan. Majin Buu gets tired of
Chi-Chi, so he turns her into an egg and crushes her. Goten is enraged that
Buu killed his mother. He's about to power up, but Piccolo persuades Goten to
finish his training before he avenges his mother. Trunks and Goten enter the
Room of Spirit and Time. Trunks starts to complain about the food, but Goten
is already training hard. Trunks tells Goten to wait up, and that he wants to
train too.

Meanwhile, Majin Buu is beginning to get impatient. He powers up and shatters
the hourglass. Piccolo tries to calm him down, but Majin Buu fires a beam
that just misses Piccolo. Buu says that he wants to fight now. Knowing that
he cannot stop Buu, Piccolo agrees. He tells Buu to follow him. Krillin and
the others follow Piccolo and Buu as they go up the stairs. Dende points out
that Piccolo is taking the long way to give the kids as much time as possible.

Back in the Room of Spirit and Time, Gotenks is seen far away, powering up.
His power creates a huge pillar of energy that surrounds him. Then, he splits
back into Goten and Trunks.
Goten says that he can't believe there is a level beyond a Super Saiyan.
Trunks points out that the five minute time limit is still a flaw. Goten
thinks that if they fuse into this form right away, they can defeat Buu.
Trunks tells him that to make the fight look good, they should take him on in
their normal form first, then power up when there's only five minutes left.
Goten agrees.

As Majin Buu follows Piccolo down the stairway, he powers up even more and
asks how much farther they have to go. Piccolo tells him that they're almost
there. As they continue to walk, Piccolo talks to the kids with his mind. He
tells them that they'll have to fight Buu sooner than expected. Goten is
worried because they have just performed a fusion, but Piccolo tells him that
he can stall Buu for another minute so they can have six hours to rest. As
they arrive at the entrance, Piccolo asks Majin Buu if he wants something to
eat. Buu gets angry again and tells Piccolo that he's going to kill him.

Piccolo and Majin Buu finally enter the Room of Spirit and Time. Goten and
Trunks are waiting for them. They make a dramatic entrance, but Goten is
unhappy with his lines. Trunks decides to go ahead and fuse without saying
their lines, since they'd probably forget them anyway. As they're about to
fuse, Majin Buu suddenly punches Trunks in the face. Trunks gets up and
starts yelling at Buu. He tells Buu to wait until they're finished, and to
think next time. The kids fuse, and a bright light covers the area. Piccolo
wonders why they didn't start off as Super Saiyans, but is happy that the
fusion went perfectly. When the light clears, Gotenks is standing there. Buu
remembers Gotenks and threatens to kill him. Gotenks proclaims that he's
powered up a lot and attacks Majin Buu with a lot of punches. Buu doesn't
move, which confuses Gotenks. He concludes that Buu must be controlling his

-Matt Fillman

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