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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 252 - The Last Weapon Mobilized.  Satan Will Save the Earth!

       A Summary by Nikki of the Japanese Dragon Ball Z Episode #251
The Last Weapon Mobilized.  Satan Will Save the Earth!

Yesterday, Majin Buu wiped out over half of Earth’s population and is ready
for more.  He continues to shoot blasts out of the his head, turn the people
into candy, and eat them!
        Earth is in ruins.  Only one hope left . . .Mr. Satan!  Still
believing that he finished off Cell, the remaining people on Earth call on
him again.  Mr. Satan, who is totally full of himself, agrees to fight Buu,
and he takes off in a sky car toward the blob’s house.
        Meanwhile, back at the Tower, Trunks is wailing while Bulma
continually presses an already bloody cotton ball to his wounds.  But he
realizes that his mother is much more forgiving than Chi-Chi, who has
stripped Goten and is spanking him in front of everyone!  She finally gets
annoyed at his whining and says that she can’t bear the thought of him dying
like his father and brother.  Feeling a little sorry for his mother, Goten
promises not to be so stupid anymore.  Piccolo glares at them both.  Trunks
finally speaks up and says that he really does want to become stronger and
defend Earth like his father was doing.  Piccolo, still scowling, approaches
the beaten boys, places his hands above their heads, and heals their wounds.  
(Piccolo’s way of forgiving, I guess.)  So Goten and Trunks take heart as
Piccolo leads the way back to try the! Fusion Dance once again.  Chi-Chi and
Bulma worry about their “babies.”
        Mr. Satan is followed to Buu’s house, which is in the middle of
nowhere, by fans.  He calls to Majin Buu, and his companions freak out and
leave.  Satan creeps up to the house and throws a rock at it.  Nothing
happens.  So he peeks in.  It’s empty.  He laughs triumphantly, claiming
victory, and begins to kick the place, until a lizard comes up behind him and
scares him half to death.  He’s ready to squash it when the infamous Majin
Buu appears overhead . . . and he looks mad.  Mr. Satan is terrified.  Buu
lands, wondering what kind of candy most suits Mr. Satan.  Regaining his
composure, Mr. Satan throws a box of chocolates (poison, of course) in Buu’s
face.  To his dismay, the chocolates have no effect on him at all!  So he
hands Buu a Game Boy and lets him play a fighting game, featuring...(guess
who)  ! ;Anyway, the Mr. Satan character in the game wins every time, and Buu
gets frustrated.  Satan changes games and backs away as the Game Boy
explodes!  Mr. Satan thinks that he has destroyed Majin Buu, but when the
dust clears (wouldn’t you know . . .) there’s Buu!  However, he decides to
spare Mr. Satan because he is so hilarious.  Feeling like they’re kinda
friends now, Satan asks Buu to lie on his stomach for a picture.  Buu lies
down and Mr. Satan stands over him for it.  When Buu gets up, Satan offers to
fix him something to eat.  Majin Buu is delighted to have a friend, but Mr.
Satan is secretly ploting to destroy him somehow or another.
        Gohan is about to fall asleep as Kaio-shin dances around him
stupidly.  Finally, he plops down in the grass, as does Gohan.  Goku is
awakened and asks if Gohan is stronger now.  No, and it will take 20 hours to
power him up.  Gohan’s about to crack up but decides that it’s the only way.  
They continue . . .

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