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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 251 - Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks.


this is a review (a rather long one as i did it while watching the episode) of a japanese subbed Dragonball Z episode. Episode 251: Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks. Hope you like it. - SSJ3Gotenks16

::opens at kame-sama's lookout::

In the background, we hear Goten and Trunks practicing saying "fusion".

Kame-sennin is playing a game of cards with Oolong while Chichi and Videl are playing with Marron while #18 is holding her.

Yamucha walks in saying that that the boys are ready to test the fusion.

Everyone except for Oolong gets up and leaves to go outside. Oolong throws down his cards (which happen to have Goten and Trunks as jacks).

Kame-sennin is talking about how the fusion emits powerful energy and so the boys will be performing the fusion dance outside of the temple to preserve it.

Kuririn is saying how that when the kids fuse they will become a super warrior but wonders what they will look like.

Kame-sennin thinks the won't change much since they already look a lot alike.

Kuririn then starts laughing a little and says how funny it would be if they came out looking all strange.

Chichi is wondering what Goten & Trunks will call themselves after they fuse. She deduces that "putting Goten and Trunks together makes Gotenks, either that or Trunten, but neither one of those sound very good".

Buruma comments on how it doesn't matter since they will only be fused for a half hour so it doesn't really matter but Chichi wants to know what they will call him if they need to get his attention.

We then see as Goten and Trunks start powering up. Piccolo tells Trunks too turn it down a notch so that him and Goten have the exact same ki.

"Start the fusion" Piccolo announces.

Goten and Trunks nod to each other.


Goten and Trunks do the fusion dance.


We see Goten & Trunks become one as a large beam of light appears.

Everyone uncovers their eyes.

Kuririn looks at the others then looks back at the boys and drops his jaw open.

We veiw a display of very large amounts of blubber as we see that the boys became a big fat lard butt.

Piccolo looks kind of embarrased and no one understands how Goku thought that the fusion could defeat Majin Buu.

The fusion looks like he's trying to do stretches as Kuririn doubts the fusion's strength.

Then the fusion starts running, but quickly stops within about one foot and gasps for air.\

Everyone falls over in embarrasment.

Piccolo then describes that the fusion was a failure and that in the "-SION" pose Trunks had his index fingers extended when they should have been in a fist.

Piccolo then wants the boys to unfuse but they don't know how.

Piccolo then says that they will then have to wait for another 30 minutes.

Then from many questions asked by the gang we learn the fusion's name is Gotenks.

Then after 30 minutes the kids unfuse and don't remember a thing.

Piccolo tells them to fuse right this time.


Uh-Oh, the kids had their fingers cross each other's instead of touch directly. Tsk tsk.

Another beam of light appears and everyone covers their eyes again.

Oh great.

Instead of a tub o' lard they became an old-looking very skinny man (you can see ribs clearly)

"They blew it again".

Piccolo one again scolds Gotenks.

Gotenks looks very sickly right now.

30 minutes pass, time to start over.


Light appears one again.

"That was perfect, you did it" Piccolo yells as we see the lean mean fighting machine Gotenks formed the correct way.

"I can't believe his 'storm' of ki" says Kame-sennin.

Everyone starts complimenting him, even Piccolo.

Piccolo then wants to try it 30 minutes later while both of them are Super Saiyan.

Gotenks then gets all smart alec on Piccolo saying he can kill Majin Buu the way he is.

Piccolo says Gotenks is a fool and doesn't know how strong Majin Buu is.

"Don't be stupid, I'll show you. Majin Buu's dead body that is" Gotenks says in a confident way.

Gotenks flies off towards Majin Buu.

"GET BACK HERE TRUNTEN" yells Piccolo.

"That's Gotenks" Mr. Popo corrects Piccolo's mistake.

Then Videl compliments his speed and Kuririn says how arrogant and self-confident Gotenks is.

::comercial break, hurry back if you need to get up::

::and now back to DRAGONBALL Z::

::at Kaio-shin's place Goku is shown sleeping under a tree then wakes up at the sound of Gohan::

Goku is wanting to know if Rou Kaio-shin is done powering up Gohan.

Kaio-shin points as Rou Kaio-shin is dancing around Gohan who seems a little agitated.

"It's been two hours, the ceremony takes five hours, so he has three more hours to go" (thank you Kaio-shin for that non interesting piece of math).

"Hang  in there Gohan" Goku shouts.

::Gohan, while still looking just a bit frustrated:: "Dad, i wasn't expecting it to last this long".

::in a big city, many people are yelling::

"BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!" shouts none other than the big, fat, Majin Buu.

He then chases after people in a boat.

One man looks outside the boat as Buu is skimming across the water real fast.

"It's Majin Buu!"


Buu bursts through the boat and it explodes, killing many people in the process.

Then we see a person drowning in the water.

Buu goes down for a look.

The guy climbs up on him and starts yelling "It's M-M-M-M-M Majin..."

"I don't like you" says Majin Buu as he throws him in the air and blasts him away. KABOOM.


A mysterious hole appears in Buu's stomach as a ki blast went through it.

You can see a building through it.

Majin Buu regenerates the hole and sees a person standing on top of a building.

The spikey-headed person is standing there laughing confidently.

"Your pretty tough, that was just my way of saying hello"" says the figure who we see is Gotenks (don't really wanna meet him if he does that to you)

Majin Buu yells "WHO ARE YOU?"

"Your going to die here so why should i waste my time telling you" (there he goes again)

"Time for me to clean you up like i came here for, here i come"

::Gotenks starts punching Buu hard in the gut but shows no damage::

::He continues as he starts flying in the air and tries beating the blubber out of Buu::

Oops, looks like Gotenks accidentally blew up a cargo boat by smashing Buu into it.

Majin Buu is taken into the air by Gotenks then flung into the ground.

Look out Buu, a large blast of ki is coming your way!

Gotenks confidently says "hmph, he wasn't very 'Maj-ical for a Maj-in" (-_- now he's trying to make jokes)

"Oops, I said I'd show everyone his body but i blew it to bits!"

"Oh well, nothing i can do"


We see a some pants and feet that belong to Buu, but no upper torso.

Oh well, Majin Buu re formed himself. No big deal, right?


::Gotenks looks more agitated than Gohan did, and he wasn't fighting Buu, just sitting in one place for five hours::

"You've made me mad" announces Buu who has smoke coming out of his ears, literally (if you can call them ears)

Uh-oh, now he says he's gonna kill Gotenks.

Now the butt whooping continues, except Gotenks is the one getting the crap beat out of him (Oh the horror).

Gosh Gotenks looks beat up, Majin Buu tore his fusion vest.

Buu throws Gotenks into a wall (ouch that's gotta hurt)

"DIE" yells Buu as he creates a ki blast that might kill the little warrior.

At this time it sounds appropriate to yell "SEND IN THE ARMY"

Wow they came, that was quick.

The army men fire from their tanks at Majin Buu.

Gotenks is warning them to run away at this time.

They don't listen.

Buu comes out unharmed in a bubble.

Once again, Buu screams "DIE".

Gotenks warned them to run but did they listen, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

There goes many soldierswho wouldn't listen to an over-confident little beat up kid (or kids, whatever)

A large blast of ki energy blew them all away.

::Buu yelling confidently:: "OH YEAH, NOW I'M GOING TO KILL SOME MORE"

::back at the lookout, everyone is waiting for Gotenks::

Look who's here all beat up.

Buruma and Chichi are shocked at how Gotenks looks.

"He wiped the floor with me" he says (not so arrogant now are you)

::everyone falls over in embarrassment::

Piccolo then starts scolding them telling him he will train as hard as he can and get really powerful by the next day unfused.


::Mr. Popo again:: "That's Gotenks"


Gotenks sighs.

::Back at kaio-shin's place::

::announcer:: "The fusion was a sucess, yet, even it's power was not enough to over come Majin Buu".

"Now can Gohan accomplish his power-up?"

::still announcer:: "The only ones who can stop the destruction of earth now are Gohan and Trunten, er... Gotenks" (no lie)

The End

Hope you enjoyed this summary.

- All material copyright of

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