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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Japanese Subtitled
Episode: #250
Title: This can't be true! The Zed Sword gets Broken...

My name is Michael Onaga and my website is http://demisaiyanshop.cjb.net/ 

Trunks and Goten are still trying to perfect the fusion pose, but have 
trouble with their timing. In one day's time, Gohan has completely mastered 
the Zed Sword, impressing everyone, except Kibit. Gokou thinks that they 
should test the sword, so he hurls a boulder at Gohan who easily slices it in 
half. Kaiou-shin creates a huge black block of Katchin-Alloy and passes it 
to Gokou. Kaioushin says that it's supposed to be the strongest metal in the 
universe so Gokou throws it at Gohan, but the Zed sword breaks in two on 

Kaiou-shin and Kibit say that it's impossible for the legendary Zed sword 
to be broken because whoever wields it is suppose to become the most powerful 
fighter in the universe. Gohan says that the legend musn't be true then, but 
he does feel stronger after training with that impossibly heavy sword. Gokou 
says that he's still not strong enough to defeat Majin Buu and a wierd old 
man agrees. Everyone wonders who he is and the old man tells them that he's 
a Kaiou-shin from 15 generations ago. Along time ago, a evil man sealed him 
up inside the sword because he feared his power.

Gokou decides to test the old Kaiou-shin and fires a "ki" blast at his 
face. The old Kaiou-shin says that he's an asshole and explains he was 
imprisoned inside the Zed sword because of his "special ability", not his 
strength. Gokou wants to know what this power is and decides to bribe the 
old Kaiou-shin with a porno magazine. The old Kaiou-shin refuses because 
with his god-like eyes he can check out girls taking a bath or changing their 
clothes. Gokou then says how about if I let you touch a girl's tits and ass, 
the old Kaiou-hin becomes interested, and Gokou thinks he's just like 
Kame-Senin. Gokou asks Gohan if he'll ask Videl to let him "feel" her up, 
but Gohan becomes so pissed off because of the favor his face turns blood red.
So instead Videl he asks Gohan to ask Bulma, but Gohan wonders if this is 
prostitution and if he's going to be killed even if he does beat Majin Buu. 
The deal is then made and the old Kaiou-shin says that he can use his psychic 
powers to make a fighter stronger than his natural limits will allow. Gokou 
says that's like transforming into a Super Saiya-jin, but the old Kaiou-shin 
says that there's no one that strong in the whole universe. The old 
Kaiou-shin says that it will take him 25 hours to power up Gohan, (5 hours 
for the ceremony, 20 hours for the actual power-up), so Goku decides to take 
a nap while Kaiou-shin and Kibit observe. Goten and Trunks have now 
practiced long enough and now intend to do the fusion pose for real.




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