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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 244 - He's after the Western Capitol. Stop Majin Buu

DragonballZ  - Japanese subbed

He's after the Western Capitol, stop Majin buu!!

episode 244

Begins with Goku trying to teach Goten and Trunks the fusion technique.Trunks doesent seem to be trusting Goku very much about this. Goku tells them to quickly become super saiyan. Everyone is suprised at how strong they have become. Goku tells them to power up as high as they can go. Trunks seems to have a slightly better power. In order to perform the fusion, both must have exactly the same power. Trunks must lower his a little. It is only natural the Trunks is stronger, he is a year older the Goten. Krillin has a flash back of when he was younger. He remembers when he used to be stronger then Goku. Krillin knows that will never happen again.

It changes to a seen where Mr. Satan is telling everyone in the city that he will defeat Majinbuu.  Like that will ever happen. Mean while, Majinbuu and Babi dee are destroying more and more while the World wonders where Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks are. A mother of two boys heres the news and rememberd that Trunks deafeated her two sons, Iraze and Ikoye at a martial arts cometition. She becomes angry and decides to tell Babi dee where trunks and the rest are. While Goku and the rest are training, a message from babi dee is brought to there attention. He tells everyone that he knows where Trunks and everyone is, and that he will destroy the Western Capitol. Bulma mentions that her parents live in the Western Capitol. Goku decides why not wish them back the dragon balls. But the dragon radar is at Bulma’s parents house.

Goku sends trunks to go get the radar. While Trunks is off looking for the radar, Goku will haft to hold of Majinbuu and Babi dee. He teleports to them. Babi dee thinks Goku came to tell them where trunks and the rest are at. Goku says that one of them is his son. Goku offers them that if they stop destroying for one week, that Trunks and the rest will come to him. Goku knows that he will haft to hold them off for a while. He quickly goes ssj2. Eyeryone is suprised at how strong Goku is. Trunks says that he might be as strong as his dad. Ha, wait until the next episode. Goku knows that even ssj2 wont be enough to beat Buu. Goku tell asks them if they wanna see a form that surpasses ssj2. Piccolo wonders what Goku is talking about. A form better then ssj2. What could it be. And can Goku buy enough time for Trunks to get the dragon radar.

Stephen D

A.K.A “WaKo”

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