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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 244 - He's after the Western Capitol. Stop Majin Buu

Japanese Version
243.-I pulled it out! The Legendary Zed Sword .-
Bulma still cannot believe Gohan has been defeated by Majin Buu, Videl says that she will not believe that Gohan is dead until they find his body,Kuririn explains Videl that when they cannot feel  a person's ki is obviously that that person is dead.
Gohan asks to the Supreme Kaiosama what is going to happen if he pulls out the legendary Zed Sword ,Kibito says Gohan that if that happens a big power is going to be libered.So Gohan tries to pull it out but he can't do it ,so he decides to transform into Super Saiyajin ,but Kibito thinks that eventhough Gohan transforms into Super Saiyajin he won't can pull it out because nor the ancient Supreme Kaiosamas could do it,but Gohan does it and Kibito surprises .Then Gohan tries to hold the Zed Sword but it is almost dificult for him ,because it is relly heavy,Gohan thinks that the Zed Sword seems like an ordinary sword  and he doubt that he will can win to Majin Buu using that sword ,but Kibito gets angry and says Gohan that as it is in the Supreme Planet it must be a powerful sword .Then Kibito says Gohan that he must control the sword correctly ,but Gohan says Kibito that he is trying to dominate it but it is really heavy ,then Gohan gives the Zed Sword to Kibito to make Kibito see how heavy it is ,the when Kibito holds it he just can't support holding that sword and makes it fall down ,then Kibito screams quietly then sees Gohan and says Gohan that "IT IS NOT SO HEAVY"(but it was really heavy Kibito , it was so heavy that his hands became red ,becajuse it really hurt him...this was really funny),and says Gohan to dominate it .
Meanwhile Goku explkains Gotenb and Trunks that they must memorize and practice the steps to make the fusion because when they do it ,the fusion will just last 30 minutes and that taht is enough to kill Majin Buu.But Goten and Trunks look at Goku angrily ,Goku asks them what happen ,then Turunks ásks Goku what he was doing in the moment Majin Buu killed Vegeta and Gohan ,Goku answers Trunks that he had fell down .But Goten and Trunks don't believe it.Goten and Trunks say Goku that they are not going to learn the steps to make the fusion from a coward and a weak person like him .Piccolo says them that Goku is much more stronmger than what they think,Goku says Piccolo to let them say that...then Goku says them that that is true ,he is a weak person but eventhough he can teach them the fusion for they take revenge for Vegeta and Gohan who where killed by Majin Buu .
At that moment Babidee makes a comunication to all the people in the world using telephaty,and shows the people pictures from Goten ,Trunks and Majunia(Piccolo) and says akll the people that if those peolpe don't appear he will continue killing people ,Trunks close his eyes and sees them (Babidee and Majin Buu)and says Babidee to wait a little bit because they(Goten and himself)are going to kill them after learning a new technique......Then ,now Goten and Trunks are prepared to learn the fusion .
This is my review
Vegeta's Fan    

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