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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 240 - The Kids New Ultimate Attack

Series: Dragonball Z
Japanese Subbed: Episode 240
Title: A Big Hope. The Kids New Ultimate Attack!!!

Review Made by ~KK~

The episode starts out showing the events of the previous episode with Majin Buu riding along a railroad track, Babidi on his back, and Goten & Trunks being taken to Kami's palace by Piccolo and Kuririn. Meanwhile, Goku has regained consciousness after being knocked out by Vejiita and states he cannot feel Vejiita's or Gohan's 'ki'.
He quickly teleports to the palace as the episode begins.

Piccolo tells Goku about the recent happenings and that Gohan, Kaioshin and Vejiita have died at the hands of Majin Buu. As Kuririn cheers up and gives Goku the vote of confidence to beat Buu, Goku admits he wouldn't be powerful enough to defeat him as he and Vejiita were almost identical in power and he died trying to defeat Buu.
Goku exclaims that If Gohan or Vejiita were still alive, they might stand a chance. Piccolo begins to explain that Majin Buu can't be defeated by a group attack when Goku states he didn't want to attack together, he wanted to use 'Fusion'.
Goku says that it is a 'joining technique', which people of near equal size and power can use to join into one fighter and have an incredible amount of power.

Piccolo has a flashback of his 'joining' with Nail on Planet Namek and the huge power increase this made. Goku states that 'fusion' would create an even larger power than 'joining'.
However, because they think Vejiita and Gohan are both dead, fusion appears that it won't take place. Kuririn says Goku can fuse with the dead Gohan or Vejiita in the afterlife, but Piccolo states that Goku can never come back to the living world whether he is fused or not.

It's then when Mr Popo suggests that the two children, Goten & Trunks, could learn fusion as they are about the same size and power.
Kuririn is excited at the idea and believes there to be new hope. Goku says he'll teach the two children fusion for his remaining time on earth and Piccolo will continue the training after he has gone. Piccolo is worried that the kids may take too long to master fusion, and that Buu may have destroyed the entire planet by then. But they have to take the risk.
The two sleeping children lie motionless, unaware of the events happening around them.

The scene cuts to Majin Buu (with Babidi on his back) flying through a city and seeing an amusement park.
Buu decides it'll be fun to fly along the track of the roller coaster. Buu races along the track thoroughly enjoying himself as Babidi struggles to hang on, terrified out of his wits!
Buu continues along the track doing a loop that causes Babidi to fall off screaming for Buu to help him. Buu catches the sorcerer and once again flies along the track, this time catching up with the cars and knocking them off the track.

Back at Capsule Corp, Buruma and co are summoning the dragon to wish back the good people that died earlier in the day that Vejiita killed. Videl is skeptical that a dragon will actually appear from the dragonballs but soon changes her mind, as Shenlong appears high in the sky.

Back at Kami's Palace, Goku realised Shenlong has been summoned and guesses Buruma is going to wish back Vejiita's victims. If the wishes are used then the dragonballs won't appear for another year! Goku desperately tries to locate Buruma's 'Ki' to teleport to stop them using all the wishes.
Yamucha tells Buruma to revive "everyone that has been killed today, as long as they are good of heart" (Of course, this has the effect of bringing Kibit back from the dead too which surprises him very much).

Goku find Buruma's 'Ki' and teleports to Capsule Corp. He tells the Dragon the wishes are finished for now, so Shenlong will be able to grant the final wish in 4 months time.

Kibit awakes wondering how he is alive, as goes searching for Kaioshin who we see staggering around hurt very badly trying to find Gohan who he prays is still alive.

Goku has explained the situation to everyone at Capsule Corp and teleports everyone (expect Mr & Mrs. Briefs, who didn't want to leave the animals at Capsule Corp.) to Kami's Palace.

The episode ends with Babidi wondering what happened to the sky, but exclaiming it doesn't matter, as Majin Buu is about to start getting revenge for Babidi.

What will be the fate of the Earth?
Can the two sleeping children master the fusion technique and save the planet?

Next Episode - 241 - Goten and Trunks! The Whole World's Ordered to find them...

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