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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 239 -  Videl's Struggle, Searching for the Dragon Balls

Bulma’s spaceship has been fixed and is now flying, looking for the Dragonballs.  Six have been gathered, and only the four star dragonball is missing.  Bulma’s worried about Vegeta, Chi Chi is worried about Trunks and Goten.  Nobody has heard from Goku either.  He is still M.I.A.  They hope that with Shenlong’s wishes, they will be able to revive everyone Vegeta killed.  The final dragonball is spotted on a tiny island, and Yamcha makes a crash landing there.  Everyone is shaken up, even Master Roshi.  Master Roshi falls on Number 18’s lap, but he is perverted enough to put his face between Number 18’s face and go “pfffffttttt!!!!!!”  Number 18 tries to get him off, but “in response” to her crushing his head, Master Roshi grabs a hold of Number 18’s breasts.  Number 18 becomes infuriated and tosses him violently to the end of the ship.  Number 18’s daughter just laughs at the occurrence (so did I!)

Meanwhile, Piccolo and Krillin meet Yarijobe and the Hermit on their way up to Kami’s.  They ask for a couple of seeds, but find that there are none.  They still go up to find Mr. Popo and Dende (or Kami now).  Goten and Trunks and still unconcious, so they are brought to bed.  Krillin asks if Goku has shown up, but Dende reassures Krillin that Goku cannot die twice. 

Gohan’s ki is gone, but both Dende and Piccolo sense Supreme Kaioh Sama’s ki.  As for Majin Buu’s ki, well, that has substantially gone up.

We are now shown a BADLY hurt Supreme Kaioh Sama.  He is stumbling around, aparently walking towards a very fragile ki.    Gohan is shown, still lying silently somewhere in the forest ahead.

Babi-dee is now riding Majin Buu’s back as they head into a metropolis.  Majin Buu destroys a crowded office building (Babi-dee gets a couple of book in his face in the process).  They fly away after one building.

Back with the Dragonball search team, the final dragonball is found lying in a bir’ds nest.  Bulma is trying to reach for the nest, but nobody is helping her, even though the ball is clearly out of her reach.  Suddenly, a large tongue careeses Bulma’s ‘dirty’ butt (he he, reminds me back in the old dragonball episodes when Bulma offers a child Goku to touch her butt in exchange for the four star dragonball).  She turns around looking mad only to find a fierce pink dinosaur with a long tongue.  Videl comes flying to her rescue, but the dinosaur eats the whole nest and flies away.  Quickly, Yamcha shoots the dragonb with his own Ki blast.  The dinosaur falls into the water, but nobody wants to get wet...  not Yamcha, not Number 18, not Master Roshi....  Chi Chi is about to go in, but Videl gets ahead of her.

The dinosaur is getting away, and Videl tries smacking it a couple of times, but without success.  Videl runs out of air and the dinosaur pursues her as Videl tries to go back up for air.  Just as Videl was about to be eaten, Chi Chi and Yamcha grab a hold of the dinosaur to prevent it eating Videl.  Back on the surface, Master Roshi is pretending to have a cold, which irritates Number 18.  So she drop kicks Master Roshi to the middle of the lake.  The dinosaur is about to eat Master Roshi, but Master Roshi gives out an incredibly powerful fart.  The dinosaur (as well as everyone around) is nauseated...  so the dinosaur coughs out the 4 star dragonball right at master roshi’s bald and perverted head.  With all 7 dragonballs obtained, their mission has been successful.

Majin Buu is shown flying over some railroad tracks, going head to head against a speeding train.  Easily enough, Majin Buu drives through the train, making it derail and explode.

Finally, Goku comes to his senses and gets up.  He notices that Vegeta’s and Gohan’s ki gone.  He looks into his hermit’s seed bag, but finds that the last seed is gone.  He does sense Majin Buu’s horrid power level.  Goku decides to teleport to Piccolo.

Piccolo and Krillin are discussing about how doomed they are now that Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku are feared dead (well, for Goku, just plain missing).  Suddenly, they feel a familiar ki.  It’s Goku!  He’s banged up, but his sight makes everyone on Kami’s cry out for happiness (in Krillin’s case, he starts crying).  Hopes are renewed, now that Dende uses his healing powers to heal Goku.  However, we wont see what their cool plan is about until the next episode.


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