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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 238 -  The Nightmare Continues!  Majin Buu is still Alive

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode # 238. The Nightmare continues! Majin Buu is still Alive.

    Majin Vegeta is in the middle of his self destruction.  Majin Buu appears to have desintegrated in the heavy blast.  Piccolo and Gohan look back to awe at the monstrous blast Vegeta has made.  Majin Vegeta has died, for the sake of his loved ones...

    We are taken to Bulma's capsule airplane.  Chi Chi is yelling at Videl for having let Trunks and Goten go fight Majin Buu.  Bulma just sits there distressed and worried as to why Vegeta killed so many people just then. 
Master Roshi makes a point:  Vegeta looked strange when he showed up... he looked like the evil Vegeta of old.  Suddenly, remnants of Majin Vegeta's blast reach the ship, killing the controls and leaving the spaceship incapable of flying.  The ship begins to fall, but its okay, since Number 18 just gives her baby to Videl and flies out of the ship to help it land safely.  Yamcha cant believe they are still alive...  but then again, can't Videl fly too anyways?

    Back at the Majin Buu site, Vegeta's body is still flying.  He has turned to dust... he falls from the sky, and his body instantaneously turns into dust that is blow away by the wind.  Piccolo gives the kids to Krillin...  he's going to check the explosion site to have a look.  Piccolo reveals to Krillin that Goku and Gohan may be dead too... Piccolo gets to the site in a jiffy.  Piccolo notices tiny bits and pieces of Majin Buu's pink body lying all over the place.  He then quickly spots a crying Babi-dee (he sounds like a crying chihuahua too...) still alive in the crater. 
Aparently, he used his magical shield and somehow managed to survive the blast.  Just as Piccolo is about to finish off Babi-dee, the bits and pieces of Majin Buu's body begin to move and take form.  Each individual piece take the form of a tiny little Majin Buu.  The hundreds of Majin Buus fly to make 5 individual pink blobs that then unite to from 1 resucitated Majin Buu. 
Piccolo looks at Majin Buu in utter terror... 'how can this be?!?!'  H quickly runs away as fast as he can.  Majin Buu laughs and dances around (like usual).  Babi-dee pleads for Majin Buu to help him.  Majin Buu simply takes shoots a blue beam at Babi-dee, which helps him grow back his pelvis, two legs, and an arm.  Babi-dee is very mad...  He bows to destroy Earth, but only after he makes them suffer for a while.

    Piccolo finally caught up to Krillin.  Krillin explains that they must get the kids out of Earth and into Kami Sama's sanctuary now that the Earth is not safe.  "They may be our last hope to defeat Majin Buu, even though they are both so small right now"  Majin Buu and Babi-dee take off from their site.  Suddenly, a very weak Supreme Kaioh Sama gets up (He's still alive???) and senses that Gohan is not dead... yet.  This episode ends.... on a bleak note.


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