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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 237 -  For the Sake of my Loved one's ... Vegeta Falls!!!

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode #237. For The Sake of my Loved one's. . . Vegeta Fall's!!!

    Trunks has gone out to the battlefield despite Piccolo's pleas.  Goten tries to follow, so he turns super saiyan, gets out of Piccolo's reach, too and goes out to help Trunks.  Trunks zooms by Babi-dee and kicks Majin Buu in the head.  Majin Buu is sent out flying, and he crashes into a mountain over the horizon.  Trunks and Goten unroll Majin Vegeta's limp body from the big pink flab.  Trunks cant stand his father's being down....  "The prince of all saiyans cannot be defeated by this demon scum!"  Majin Vegeta finally gets up and tosses Trunks aside.  Majin Buu is still nowhere to be seen.

    Babi-dee laughs at the fact that Majin Vegeta is still alive.  Piccolo comes from behind and surprises Babi-dee.  Piccolo then attacks Babi-dee with a karate chop, but Babi-dee uses a shield to protect himself.  Babi-dee then toesses out a weird silvery electric substance at Piccolo, but he only shakes off the substance.  Piccolo follows again and Babi-dee uses his shield again.  Piccolo destroys Babi-dee's shield, which sends him running from Piccolo.  Piccolo just sneaks from behind and chops he chops Babi-dee in half.  Babi-dee's limp body falls into a ki crater on the ground. 
Piccolo stands alone in the air.

    Majin Buu finally gets up and decides to walk the whole distance he was thrown.  Majin Vegeta is finally standing up by himself.  He tells trunks to take care of Bulma, for she is his mother.  Trunks looks at Vegeta in awe....  Majin Vegeta tells trunks to go take shelter, and that he will take care of Majin Buu himself.  Trunks insists that if the three of them fight, they may be able to beat Majin Buu.  Majin Vegeta declines this offer... 
Majin Vegeta then confeses to Trunks that he has never actually hugged him, even as a baby.  Majin Vegeta then goes over to Trunks and gives him a long hug.  Majin Vegeta smiles at Trunks and knocks him out cold with a single slap in the neck.  Trunks turns back to his regular form immediately.  Goten gets mad at this...  Majin Vegeta simply resolves to punch him in the stomach.  Goten falls and turns into his regular form.  Piccolo comes to the ground to pick up the boys to take them away.  (I just realized that I've been calling Goten Gotenks....  Gotenks is another character, and any reference to any 'Gotenks' before this episode is actually Goten...  Why did I just realize this?  probably cause I just wrote like 6 episode summaries tonight and I'm tired.)

    Piccolo asks Majin Vegeta if he's going to die.  Majin Vegeta answers with a question...  Will he be able to fight Goku in the afterlife?  Piccolo then tells Majin Vegeta of his horrible fate in hell, without Goku.  His soul will be cleansed and recycled.  He wont remember anything.  "What a shame."  Majin Buu finally gets back to where he was.  Majin Vegeta insults Majin Buu....  Piccolo is flying away for his dear life.  Krillin follows. 
Majin Vegeta claims to have found a way to defeat Majin Buu... He powers up to SSJ2.  Majin Buu decides to turn Majin Vegeta into candy, but Majin Vegeta says that he will have to turn him into dust to defeat him.  Majin Vegeta says good bye to Bulma, Trunks... and Kakarot...  Majin Vegeta powers up...  A big flash fills the screen...  and this episode ends in a big bang.


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