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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 235 -  I. Going to Eat You.  

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode #235. I. going to Eat You! The Starving Majin's Psychic Powers...

    Just wanted to say that I forgot to mention in the last episode that Goten and Trunks had arrived at the Majin Buu site.  When they get to the site, Trunks accidentally shatters the Piccolo stone statue.  NOW BACK TO THIS EPISODE!

    Goku lies unconcious on the floor.  Vegeta realises that he can destroy the spaceship now...  and that the whole ordeal is all his fault.  He is determined to fight for what bad that he has caused.  Back at the Majin Buu site, Majin Buu is about to fight Doubler.  Majin Buu then just says, "I'm just going to eat you."  Majin Buu starts dancing whilst singing "I'm going to eat you!"  Doubler gets mad and smacks Majin Buu around.  Despite Majin Buu's heavy beating, though, he comes out unharmed.  He starts dancing again.... Doubler just looks even more aggravated....  Doubler goes up into the sky and starts shooting ki blasts at Majin Buu.  Babi-dee thinks Majin Buu was destroyed, but Majin Buu walks out of the smoke column singing, "I'm going to eat you!"  Doubler comes after Majin buu spitting.  Majin Buu easily dodge the spit and he shoots a pink beam out of his head.  Zap!  The beam hits Doubler and Doubler turns into a body size chocolate bar!  Trunks and Goten cant believe their eyes!  Majin Buu eats the chocolate bar... and suddenly, krillin turns back into his regular self.

     After a quick catch up with what has happened...  Trunks realizes that he accidentally shattered Piccolo!  Trunks is scared poopless until Piccolo surprises them...  "Is that Majin Buu?"  He explains to the kids that he can regenerate as long as his head is not destroyed.  Majin Buu walks over to a hurting Supreme Kaioh Sama.  Majin Buu decides to eat the Supreme Kaioh Sama too...  the pink beam is about to come out of his head until a substantial ki blast in the distance interrupts this.  Babi-dee's spaceship has been destroyed!

     When the smoke clears, Majin Vegeta pops out to greet a disgruntled Babi-dee.  Majin Vegeta scoffs at Majin Buu's shape... "I cant believe you killed Gohan."  Piccolo hears this with his sensitive hearing and is crushed. Majin Buu gets mad at Vegeta's insults and releases steam from his body pores.  Babi-dee orders Majin Buu to kill Majin Vegeta.  Piccolo and the gang are rooting for Majin Vegeta.  Babi-dee runs to get away from the fighting and orders Majin Buu to kill Vegeta again.

     Majin Vegeta and Majin Buu stare at eat other.  Majin Vegeta flashes back to Goku's sacrifices... with Freezer and Cell.  "Remain asleep Goku... 
I'll take care of this one.  I wont go to hell by myself!"  Vegeta powers up, leaving Majin Buu and Babi-dee breathless.  Majin Vegeta attacks Majin Buu.  He seems to have the upper hand... but we cant tell for sure, because this is where this episode ends.


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