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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 233 -  A straight Path to Destruction.  Kaio in Despair.

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode # 233. A Straight Path to Destruction!? Kaio in Despair.

    This episode starts off showing two very tired fighters.  Suddenly, Goku notices Majin Buu's extremely powerful Ki.  The fighting stops and both fighters regress from SSJ2 to SSJ.  Majin Vegeta laughs at Majin Buu's low power level.  He laughs at the notion that somebody thought that Majin Vegeta was strong at all.  Goku still stares awkwardly into space....  "This ki is just not right.... its hiding something..."

     Babi-dee is wearing a big smile again and he walks over to tell Majin Buu that he will now have to follow his orders, unless he wants to go back into the egg.  Majin Buu looks distressed... Babi-dee tries to see what is wrong with him....  he tries to check out Majin Buu's face only to fall victim into Majin Buu's prank.  "Peek-a-boo!"  Majin Buu just likes to play around.  He looks like a little kid just prancing around.  This doesnt seem to be the attitude of a strong fighter.  Suddenly, Majin Buu releases steam from various pores in his body and he increases his ki Substantially.  Gohan yells at this solid increase!  Majin Buu punches Doubler in the face, blinding him.  Doubler punches the air, and Majin Buu kicks Doubler into the side of a mountain.  Doubler defeated with a kick and a punch!  Majin Buu claps at his 'success.'  He starts prancing around in victory.  Gohan cant believe the ki's increase!

     Back at the tournament stadium, everybody is picking up the mess left by the fighters and Mr. Satan takes a hot shower.  He senses something amiss...  He may have been scared dopeless, but he just knows that something like Cell is threatening the earth again.  He walks out of his shower to a crowd of reporters.  He laughs and accidentally drops his towel, exposing his genitals to the camera.

    We switch back to Goku and Majin Vegeta to see that they are still fighting.  Goku urges Vegeta to stop fighting him and to fight Majin Buu instead... if not for the earth, then at least for Bulma and his son, Trunks.  He knocks down Vegeta...  Vegeta gets up and agrees to go fight Majin Buu.  They agree to each eat a hermit's seed and to go fight Majin Buu.  Goku looks happy and he reaches for his belt for the seeds.  Majin Vegeta then knocks out Goku with a chop to his neck.  Goku faints, turns back to regular Goku, and Majin Vegeta takes a seed.  He eats a seed and his yellow aura surges like heck.

    Back with Majin Buu, Majin Buu refuses to obey Babi-dee.  Babi-dee then makes Majin Buu realize that he has to obey him, unless he wants to be thrown back into his egg cell.  The Supreme Kaioh Sama tells Gohan that they shouldnt kill Babi-dee since he is the only one that can really put Majin Buu back in the egg.  Babi-dee orders Majin Buu to kill Gohan and the Supreme Kaioh Sama...  Gohan escapes at an incredible speed, whilst he drags the Supreme Kaioh Sama with his right hand.  Majin Buu takes off like a rocket.  Suddenly, he pops up in front of Gohan!  Is he really THAT fast? 
"die!"  He knocks Gohan into the ground with one slap, leaving the Supreme Kaioh sama in utter terror by himself in front of Majin Buu.



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