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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 232 -  I won't let you be Reborn!  The Kamehameha to change fate!

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode #232. I won't let you Be Reborn! The Kamehameha to change fate!

    The Majin Buu egg is about to hatch... there s steam coming out from the ducts around the egg.  The power meter is at its maximum and the egg is pulsating.  The Supreme Kaioh Sama and Gohan look at the egg in horror while Babi-dee and Doubler wear a big smile (looks awkward on a Babi-dee, seeing that he looks like the offspring Freezer and the Taco Bell Chihuahua dog would have).  The Supreme Kaioh Sama urges Gohan to run away... Gohan does not listen...  He claims that Main Buu would follow them anywhere anyways. 
Gohan powers up... Gets a Kamehameha ready and shoots at the Majin Buu egg. 
There is a blast, and when the smoke clears, the egg is still there.  More steam comes out of the ducts around it and Gohan shoots another Kamehameha.

    We switch back to Trunks and Goten.  They both stop to notice a very awkward ki... they notice a lot of birds flying away from the direction of the new ki.  "Do you think this has anything to do with Majin Buu?"  Back at the tournament, an earthquake draws the remaining crowd away from the stadium, right up until when Mr. Satan talks to the crowd to calm them (because he wants a crowd to remain for his coronation ceremony, of course).

    Back at the egg site, Gohan is still shooting his mighty Kamehameha at the egg.  Babi-dee just laughs at Gohan's febrile attempt to destroy Majin Buu.  The egg rolls out of its place, so Gohan stops his Kamehameha.  He looks at the egg and shoots at it again.  But this time, he notices the egg moving....  he stops.  The egg opens to reveal that it was empty!  Smoke comes out of the egg but, nothing is in it.  Babi-dee is crying and the Supreme Kaioh Sama laughs in relief.  "He remained in the egg for so long, he turned to dust!"  A very happy Supreme Kaioh Sama urges Gohan to fight Doubler again....  But Gohan stands there.... "I sense an immense ki!"  Then he notices that the smoke that came out of the egg is taking form...  A big mass of pink clouds swirl in the sky.

    For the first time in this episode, we are taken back to Goku and Majin Vegeta's fight.  Both fighters are holding their own against each other in a tactical fight where only Majin Vegeta is forced to shoot ki blasts.

    Back at the egg site, the pink cloud finally takes its final form.... 
arms, legs... head, belly....  A big, fat, and pink fighter emerges! 
Doesn't look like much of a powerful being, because its so fat....  Only the Supreme Kaioh Sama recognizes the pink blob...  Doubler and Babi-dee are not sure about who the fighter is.  The Supreme Kaioh Sama urges Gohan to run away.... immediately!  Babi-dee calls Majin Buu, but he only walks towards Gohan.  He takes a good look at him and he makes a back flip.  He walks towards Babi-dee...  "Are you Majin Buu?"  The pink blob nods his head.

    Goku notices Majin Buu's monster ki... He stops the fight and urges Majin Vegeta to try to sense that awefully evil Ki.  Is this fighter really that strong?  We wont know in this episode, that's for sure.



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