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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 231 -  The Seal is Broken ...The Ultimate Evil Majin Buu Appears...

Japanese Episode
Episode 231. The Seal is Broken... The Ultimate Evil Majin Buu Appears...

    This episode starts off with a confident Babi-dee and Doubler meeting Gohan and the Supreme Kaioh Sama.  After a meaningless exchange of words, Babi-dee transports everyone outside of the ship, along with the Majin Buu egg.  Doubler is looking forward to fight a Gohan, which he believes will be easy to defeat.  Meanwhile, Goku and Majin Vegeta's fight has escalated from fast punching and kicking to involve fast ki blasts as well.  We keep switching back and forth from the fight and the space ship.  Majin Buu's energy meter keeps going up....  time is at stake, and the meter keeps going up while Gohan tries to obtain motivation to release the 'hidden powers' he showed against Cell.

    Gohan winds up... but just as soon as he is about to fight Doubler, the meter reaches the umbral level, and Babi-dee goes berzerk!  The Majin Buu egg starts to pulsate....  The Supreme Kaioh Sama begins to crack up...  We are taken back to an intense Goku/Majin Vegeta fight.

     That fight is still at a stalemate.  Just when one of the two fighters seems to get an upperhand, the other one comes back and counters.  Goku and Majin Vegeta dont seem to want to tire out after so much beating!  Goku and Majin Vegeta take a stance... while they talk, Majin Vegeta revealed that he actually planned his alliance with Babi-dee so that he could get a chance to get to fight Goku.  "If you are so proud, why did you let yourself be manipulated?"  "I ONLY WANTED TO BE LIKE I USED TO BE!"  Vegeta powers up, and the fighting goes on.....

    Back at the tournament, Mr. Satan is crowded by reporters and somehow gets the crowd to come back.  Goten and Trunks are still speeding towards the spaceship....

    The Majin Buu egg stops pulsating and steam comes out from around it. 
The Supreme Kaioh Sama is in despair....



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