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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 230 -  Wait for us Babi-dee!  We Won't Let you Continue your Evil

Japanese Summary
Episode 230:  "Wait for us Babi-dee!  We won't let you continue your evil."

    This episode starts off with Mr. Satan talking to the reporter about what to do with the rest of the winner's ceremony, now that the whole crowd has fled from the stadium.  "Number 18 is still here Mr. Satan."  Mr. Satan then looks at a mad-lookin Number 18 who waits for her losing money.  Well, this is not important.  Meanwhile, SSJ2 Goku and a super-charged SSJ2 Majin Vegeta start their much anticipated fight.  For a while, their fist/kick fight ends in a stalemate (this fighting sequence still looks awesome!), until Vegeta has a surge of energy and kicks Goku's butt.  Meanwhile, Gohan and the Supreme Kaioh Sama were on their way to defeat Babi-dee and Doubler, who let them through to the 4th level of the ship.  Gohan encounters like 20 fighters, but he defeats them all with a brief general ki blast.  They go down to the next level....

    Goku and Majin Vegeta are still fighting a ver close fight until Majin Vegeta draws the first Ki blast and sends Goku hurling towars a mountain side.  But what's this?  A mega kamehameha is shot at Vegeta!  Vegeta shoots back with his own Ki pulse, but none of the two seem to budge...

    We are taken back to Trunks and Goten who are flying towards the fight.  Goten suddenly slows down and tells Trunks that he really has to go pee. 
They land on a nearby island, look to see if anybody is around, and they both take one heck of a long pee.  Just when they start to play to see who pees the farthest, a mean-looking dinosaur scares them away.  Both of them power up and travel towards the spaceship.

   We are taken back to a defeated Goku.  Vegeta holds Goku up with one hand and he nails Goku to a wall with some ki constrains.  He starts punching a helpless Goku for a while as he flashes back to episodes from the Freezer and Cell saga.  "I cant stand that you have saved my life a couple of times!!!  I will tear off your arms first!"  Just then, Goku powers up and powers himself out of the ki bonds.  He starts punching Vegeta with all that he's got.  Vegeta is pushed into a dark cave, and Goku follows him. 
Some AWESOME fighting takes place in there, which stops, after two ki blasts from both warriors pretty much destroy the mountain the cave was in.  A crater is left behind in the mountain's place, and both warriors are still up and fighting.

   Gohan and the Supreme Kaioh Sama finally arrive where Doubler, Babi-dee and the Majin Buu egg lie.  Babi-dee greets them with a smile....  "I am not worried that you are here, Doubler is here to protect us."    Its the end of the episode, but we are shown Goku and Majin Vegeta still punching each other into oblivion.  And so this episode, finally DOES end....



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