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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 229 -  The Fated Battle!  Son Goku Vs. Vegeta ... 

Japanese Summary

Episode 229. The Fated Battle! Son Goku Vs. Vegita...

Goku and Majin Vegeta were transported back to the tournament to fight.  Suddenly, Vegeta shoots a ki blast at the crowd that seemed to have killed quite many spectators.  Everyone is looking at Vegeta in shock...  “how could he do such a horrible thing!?!?” Bulma yells.  The rest of the crowd then starts pleading to Mr. Satan to beat up the nightmarish intruder.  Mr. Satan, instead of trying to fight Vegeta (yeah, he is almost pooping his pants), he asks if they can just talk things over, so that maybe, he might consider giving them a chance to fight HIM.

Majin Vegeta ignores Mr. Satan and threatens Goku to kill more people if he wont fight with him.  Suddenly, Goku realizes....  Majin Vegeta let Babidi take control of him just so he could fight him!  Majin Vegeta just smiles and shoots at the crowd again, killing even more people.  Majin Vegeta just smiles in a weird, distorted way.  After some staring, Goku turns SSJ.  the Supreme Kaioh Sama begs Goku that he not fight Majin Vegeta, being that all the damage inflicted upon him would help Babidi release Majin Buu... and it would just be stupid to fight him.  Instead of listening, Goku yells in the air, “I’ve decided to fight Vegeta!  Transport us to another place!”  The supreme Kaioh Sama gets in front of Goku, threatening him... “If you want to fight Vegeta, you will have to beat me first.”

Goku points an energy blast at the Supreme Kaioh Sama....

S.K.S. realizes that there is really nothing he can do to stop the fight, so he just tells Goku to go ahead and do as he pleases.  “Sorry Kaioh Sama....”  Suddenly, Babidy teleports them all to a dried up canyon-desert place.  S.K.S. then tells Goku of his new plan.... whilst Goku and Majin Vegeta fight, him and Gohan would go to the spaceship’s core and defeat Babidi and Doubler.  Babidi then tries to control Vegeta’s mind by suggesting he kill both Gohan and S.K.S.  However, Vegeta actually manages to suppress those urges....  “ALL I WANT TO DO IS FIGHT KAKAROT!”  Babidi and Doubler look at Majin Vegeta in horror...  But then they realize that all they really need is for Majin Vegeta to fight Goku, so they can get their precious energy.  Doubler is confident that he can take care of Gohan anyways.  The door to the next level opens up....

Gohan eats a hermit’s seed and goes down with S.K.S. down to the next level.  “Are you ready to fight?”  “I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR A LONG TIME, KAKAROT!!!”  They both agree to turn SSJ2.  Goku and Majin Vegeta are by themselves and ready to fight each other.  The episode ends.... on a high note.



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