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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 228 - The Rebirth of Vegeta, Prince of Destruction.  The Ring ...

Japanese Subbed Summary
Episode 228. The Rebirth of Vegeta, Prince of Destruction! Confusion enters The Ring...

    This episode starts off with a shot of a 'stoned' Piccolo and Krillin. 
Soon enough, we are taken back to the fighting chambers inside Babidy's spaceship.  Doubler has just stepped out of the chamber... and that leaves everyone wondering what is going on.  Vegeta then starts yelling at Gohan for having been weak fighting Doubler...  Instead of cooling down after Gohan admits his mistakes, Vegeta just becomes more and more irritated. 
Vegeta then threatens to destroy the ship to end his impatient wait once and for all.  Goku tries to calm down Vegeta, and actually succeds in stopping him from blowing up the ship.  Suddenly, the Supreme Kaio Sama realizes.... 
Vegeta is the warrior Babidy was going to control next!

    Back in his chambers, Babidy decides that Vegeta is a perfect candidate to take over...  Thats when Babidy raises his arms and casts a spell on Vegeta, who instantly seems to show signs of an intense headache that would make anyone crouch with empathy.....  Vegeta tries to ward off the spell... 
He even turns into a Super Saiyan to try to resist the spell.  Vegeta is actually so strong, Babidy has to use a stronger spell in order to get Vegeta to crumble....  Vegeta then fluxes in pain for a couple more minutes.  Finally, Vegeta collapses on the floor (still a super saiyan) and covers his face.  The supreme Kaio Sama is the one to realize that... it... was... too... late.   Vegita gets up and shows off a tall, capitalized cursive M on his forehead.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Satan is still showing off his world title to an enthusiastic crowd whilst avoiding not to look at a very stern-looking Number 18.

    Back in the spaceship, Gohan, Goku, and the Supreme Kaio Sama look in awe at the ultra-evil Vegeta.  To add to the confusion, Babidy then transports the Z fighters to the Tenkachi Budokai platform.  Everyone is surprised to see the missing fighters suddenly appear on stage.  It is only Master Roshi who notices that something skewy is going on with Vegita.

    The ring announcer walks up to the fighters to ask where they have been only to be greeted by a burst of energy from Majin Vegeta.  Only Mr. Satan is hurt by his actions as he is thrown into a brick wall.  Babidy then orders Majin Vegeta to kill everyone on sight.  Majin Vegeta refuses to do his willing, saying, "I only want Kakarot!"  Babidy tells him to go ahead and do as he pleases anyways.  Vegeta then shoots some ki blasts at the crowd to get Goku infuriated.  And that, he did do.  As one ki blast is shot into the crowd, Goku tries to fend it off.  However, this is not enough, and the Majin Vegeta destroys part of the stadium.  A lot of people are presumably killed, which is enough to the entire crowd to run towards their nearest exit.  Bulma faints to the idea that Vegeta would be so much of a cruel person.  Goku just watches in awe...  and so did I.  One of the best (if not THE best) dragonball fighting sequences is due in the fight between Goku and a super-charged Majin Vegeta.



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