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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 227 - The Heart of Evil is Fount.  Doubler's Good Idea

Japanese Subbed Version

Episode 227:  The Heart of Evil is Found.  Doubler’s Good Idea.

His flash of light stuns Doubler!  Gohan finally turns into a super saiyan.  In the same amount of time, Gohan beats up on Doubler with punches and powerful Ki attack as well as he insults him for not using a high energy level.  In response, Doubler raises his Ki enough to hold his own against Gohan.  The best that Doubler could do for a while was to spit out fireballs that knocked out Gohan for a second or two.  After doing some thinking, Gohan thinks of a new fighting strategy whilst he is hiding under a lake. 

Despite his trick attacks, Gohan is still busted by Doubler’s ki blasts. 

Such failure by Gohan only irritates Vegeta a whole bunch.  More fighting sequences occur, whilst Goku and Vegeta criticize Gohan for having forgotten how to wage a smart fight.  Suddenly, Doubler dares Gohan to come from behind to attack him.  Gohan takes this as an insult and flies towards him. 

But it’s a trick!  Doubler spits at Gohan!  Luckily, the salive only hits Gohan’s glove, and he takes it off in time so the stoning effect didnt take over him.  Relieved that he was not turned to stone, Gohan continues fighting.

Meanwhile, back at the Tenkachi Budokai Mr. Satan is still celebrating his win.  Bulma and Chi Chi cannot believe Number 18 lost!  After some questioning, Number 18 just ignores them.  Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten are still on their way towards Babidi’s space ship.  nothing happens, except that there is some babbling about what a magician actually is.

Gohan is still fighting doubler back in the space ship (or actually, in some weird, unknown place).  Vegeta is further irritated by the fact that Gohan has not increased his power level since he was a little boy.  As for Doubler, he notices Vegeta’s irritation.  Gohan catches him off guard then and punches him square in the face.  Doubler then takes out a sword and starts fighting Gohan.  Gohan’s rusted fighting techniques just irritate Vegeta even further.  Finally, Gohan grabs a hold of the sword and breaks it in half.  Vegeta then has a cow and starts yelling at Gohan.  Doubler then communicates with Babidy... about a ‘great’ discovery.  The fight is stopped by Doubler, and he walks off into a Majin elevator.  He goes off saying that he has finally found the best fighter for the job.  Back in Babidy’s chambers, Doubler tells Babidy that he has found a really dark heart up in the fighting chambers.....  the episode ends....  in a twisted note.



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