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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 226 -  The Debut of the King of Evil.  It's Your Turn Gohan!!  

Japanese subbed version
Episode 226: The Debut of the King of Evil.  Its Your Turn, Gohan!!

    The episode starts off with the Tenchaki Budokai final match between Number 18 and Mr. Satan.  Mr. Satan tries to show that he is not scared of Number 18, but he knows that she would beat him very easily.  All of a sudden, Number 18 grabs Mr. Satan in a headlock....  Mr. Satan thinks its all over, but Number 18 proposes losing the tournament if Mr. Satan would pay her 2 million (compared to the 1 million the winner of the tournament would get).  Mr. Satan agrees, and after a bunch of dumb VERY weak punches by Mr. Satan (So weak, they surprise Number 18), Number 18 pretends to be knocked out of the ring by Mr. Satan's 'super punch.'  Mr. Satan therefore wins the tournament and he showboats for like a whole minute.

    We are taken now taken to Trunks and Goten, who are fairly dissapointed that they were disqualified from the Tenchaki Budokai.  After a second or two of grumbling, the spot Videl flying back to the tournament.  Videl then takes some time to explain the situation to Trunks and Goten...  After having heard that an evil magician was involved with this, they get really excited and decide to go to the ship to help their parents.  They turn into super saiyans and leave a stunned Videl staring at their dust trails.

    Meanwhile, back in Babiti's spaceship, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and the Supreme Kaio Sama are waiting for the next fighter to come out and fight. 
The small talk turns into a scolding for Gohan for not having trained at all since he confronted Cell.  Suddenly, Dabura shows up in the 3rd level of the ship.  Its Gohan's turn to fight, and so they are transported to a more favorable environment from the spaceship.  Without hesitation, Gohan begins fighting without turning into a super saiyan.  There are some fighting scenes that eventually lead to Gohan's getting whipped by Dabura.  Finally, Gohan turns into a super saiyan and is now ready for a real fight.  The episode ends....



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