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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 225 -  The Kids are Strong!  A tough fight for Number 18!

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode #225. The Kids are Strong! A tough fight for Number 18!

    The Z fighters are still waiting impatiently for the 3rd level fighter.  Goku seems to be enjoying himself, though... he is not as impatient as Vegeta.  Doubler is still increasing his power level in the rehabilitation room....

    Back at the Tekachi Budokai, Number 18 and Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten) are fighting a fast fist fight.  Mr. Satan remains on the ring, helpless against what is going on in the sky.  The crowd is stunned at how fast the action in the sky is.  Mr. Satan just looks at the 2 (actually 3) fighters scared.  Trunks then asks Goten to try to kick Number 18 this time around, under the promise that he would give him a brand new toy.  They beat down Number 18... and she almost crashes on the stage.  However, she stops just in time.  The fighting remains the sky, until Mighty Mask is knocked to the ring, leaving a crater.  Mr. Satan is almost knocked out of the ring due to the blast.  Trunks and Goten switch places inside Mighty Mask's body to see how well that turns out.  Mighty Mask comes out of the crater and tries to confuse Number 18 by flying around her.  Trunks kicks Number 18 and beats her up pretty badly.  Number 18 finally uses a ki blast against them. 
Number 18's daughter roots for her mother, which draws a smile in her.

    Back in the spaceship, Babi-dee reflects on how he took over Doubler's underworld.  But this is only for a second.

    Back in the tournament, Number 18 increases her rythym and knocks Mighty Mask back to the ring.  Trunks and Goten switch places again and get up from from the crater.  They fly up again, only this time, both Trunks and Goten turn SSJ.  Number 18 FINALLY realises that she's fighting Trunks and Goten.  Trunks and Goten fire a ki blast that Number 18 dodges.  The blast hits a desolate area, but the large mushroom cloud makes Mr. Satan crouch and faint.  Number 18 fires a ki blast at Mighty Mask...  which somehow splits mighty mask in half.  The costume is riped, so Trunks and Goten take off their costume and fight Number 18 at the same time.  The ring announcer then disqualifies Trunks and Goten for fighting one person at the same time.  Trunks and Goten fly away...

    Number 18 goes back on the ring to fight Mr. Satan.  Mr. Satan gets up (remember, he sort of fainted) and is sort of pooping his pants.

    Back in the ship, Doubler finally comes out from the rehabilitation room and is ready to fight Gohan, but not in this episode.


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