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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 224 -  A Huge Mistake!!!  Satan Vs. The 3 Super Warriors!?

Japanese Dragonball Summary
Episode #224. A Huge Mistake! ! ! Satan Vs. The 3 Super Warriors!?

    Doubler is eager to go out to fight, but he decides to go to the rehabilitation chamber to power up for the next fight.  Babi-dee orders his servants to leave Doubler alone.  Meanwhile, the Z fighters are waiting impatiently for the next fight.

    Back at the Tenkaachi Budokai, the growd has grown really impatient. 
The monks who take care of the tournament decide that the best thing to do would be to disqualify all of the fighters that left the tournament early. 
But how would the winner be chosen?  Mr. Satan goes out to calm the crowd and suggests that the remaining fighters should fight in a free-for-all... the last person standing would be the winner.  The idea is announced to the public, and everyone seemed to like the idea.  However, Mr. Satan is misunderstood, and he will be forced to fight in the free for all too.  So the fighters are announced.  First, is Mr. Satan.  The second fighter is Number 18.  The third fighter is Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten in disguise).  The fourth fighter is some black dude boxer named Guidel (or that sounds like Guidel...) The fifth fighter is Duell (some dude with long, blonde hair).  The simultaneous fight is about to begin.

    Guidel is determined to beat Mighty Mask and Duell is determined to beat Number 18 for actually rejecting him.  The fight begins and the fighters just stand there doing nothing.  Number 18 is attacked by Duell, but he gets kicked out of the ring immediately.  As for Guidel, well, he gets punched out of the stage immediately too.  Mighty Mask and Number 18 then look at each other.  Number 18 cant understand how Mighty Mask could be so strong.  Both fighters decide to ignore Mr. Satan and fight each other. 
Number 18 attacks Mighty mask, but Trunks blocks all her attacks.  Mighty mask cannot kick simply because there is not enough coordination between Trunks and Goten.  Master Roshi is the first to realize that Mighty Mask is really Trunks and Goten (finally!).  The fighting is taken up in the air....

    Back in the spaceship, Doubler is still meditating and increasing his ki....  The episode ends here.


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