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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 221

Japanese Version
221.-A trap in waiting.A challenge from the Darkside.
The porpouse of Babi-dee is to reunite all the necessary energy to make
Majin Buu leave his egg.
Babi-dee had already realized that Goku and the other ones were hiden,all
his plan had resulted.Babi-dee told Dabura that there were just three men
who were really strong(Goku, Gohan and Vegeta)so Babi-dee asked Dabura to
eliminate the other ones.
Babi-dee enters to his ship with a servant.Dabura goes up and kills Kibito
then he spits to Piccolo and Kuririn ...they become rocks...then Dabura
enters to the ship.Great Kaiosama tells Goku not to touch neither Piccolo
nor Kuririn ,because if he touches them they could break and there would not
be any chance to make them return to the Gohan , Goku, Vegeta
and Great Kaiosama enter to the ship also.
Babi-dee sees them with his crystal ball.
Goku ,Gohan and Vegeta arrive to a room Vegeta wants to destroy it ,but
Great Kaiosama tells him not to do it because if he does it he would Majin
Buu wakes up.Meanwhile Babi-dee puts all the energy that had been stolen to
Gohan to the egg where Majin Buu was,but with energy he could reunit the
half of the necessary energy to make Majin Buu revives.Babi-dee's servant
goes to the room where Vegeta ,Goku ,Gohan and Great Kaiosama where and he
tells them that if they want to go where Babi-dee was they had to fight in
the scenaries(that one was the first scenary) and he tells then that all the
damage that they receive on every battle will go directly to the egg where
Majin Buu was.So the first one that is going to fight against that servant
is ...Vegeta...

This is my review
My name is Carla Argandoņa

Japanese Subbed
The King of the Demons Episode 206
{Title:} Translation of Dragon Ball Z Episode 221
{Title:} Translated by Usagi North -- A division of Z-TV Enterprises {Song:} An incredibly strong enemy getting ready to attack {Song:} There's no time to cry about it {Song:} It just makes thing's a hundred times more exciting {Song:} I'll just become the leader of the party {Song:} Anything that can make you single-minded {Song:} Will eventually {Song:} Make you into an incredible person {Song:}{Song:} The sky is clear {Song:}{Song:} I'm so happy {Song:} Trouble and playing around {Song:} Silly Boys! {Song:} We gotta power! {Song:} Dragon Ball Z {Song:} My head is clear {Song:} Ha ha, I'm carefree {Song:} Enjoy the end of an era {Song:} Charming Girls! {Song:} We gotta power! {Song:} Dragon Ball Zed

Narrator: At the Tenka-Ichi Martial Arts competition when Kibit and Gohan's
match had just started, Yam and Supopo-Bitchi attacked
Narrator: They stole Gohan's energy and returned to the Magician Babidi
Narrator: The Z-Warriors and Kaioshin followed them
Kibit: That's Babidi!!
Shin: And Doubler's with him!!
Babidi: Now.. I don't need you any more
Narrator: At last the Magician Babidi has shown himself
Narrator: And he's with the Demon Lord of Darkness, Doubler!

Title: A Trap in Waiting!! A Challenge from the Darkness

Babidi: That was very boring...
Babidi: ...the look on Yam's and Supopo-Bitchi's faces...
Babidi: That's what I look forward to the most
Doubler: We'll see many faces like that on this Earth
Babidi: I guess you're right
Gokuh: That was terrible
Gokuh: They're evil!
Kibit: That's how Babidi operates
Kibit: First he uses his magic to possess them...
Kibit: And then when's he's finished with them he does that...
Kibit: He's going to continue doing that to gather energy so that he can
ressurect Majin Buu
Babidi: Well then Doubler
Babidi: Just as I calculated Yam brought a lot of food
Babidi: Along with Kaioshin who killed my father long ago...
Doubler: And they think they're hiding up there
Doubler: There are seven of them in all
Doubler: And even if we can't use Kaioshin's or Kibit's energy there are
still three of them up there with a lot of energy we can use to bring back
Majin Buu
Babidi: That's what it looks like
Babidi: With those three there should be more than enough to bring back Majin
Babidi: I never thought that Majin Buu would be brought back this soon
Babidi: We should get those three into the space ship
Babidi: That'd be the most sure way to get their energy
Doubler: Yes
Doubler: But Kaioshin probably won't allow them to do that
Babidi: Clean up all but the three we want
Babidi: And then get back inside the spaceship
Babidi: The three will probably follow you back in before they think about it
Doubler: I see
Doubler: That would be my duty
Babidi: That's right
Babidi: Oh, don't clean up Kaioshin yet
Babidi: I want to take my time killing him later
Doubler: Understood Lord Babidi
Doubler: I will gladly leave him for you
Babidi: I'll leave the rest up to you
Pipi: Lord Babidi what about me
Babidi: Doubler should be enough for this
Babidi: Come inside, you'll fight them in the first stage
Pipi: Yes sir!!
Gokuh: They went inside leaving Doubler behind
Doubler: Well then...
Doubler: let's do it...
Vegeta: They know about us!!!
Shin: Kibit!!!
Gohan: Kibit!!
Gokuh: Crap!!!
Shin: Watch out
Shin: Oh no! Doubler's saliva...
Piccolo: What!?
Piccolo: Damn you!
Gohan: Kulilin!
Gokuh: Piccolo! Kulilin!
Gokuh: Piccolo!!
Shin: They've been changed to stone
Shin: Anyone Doubler's saliva touches turns into stone
Gokuh: But!!
Gokuh: Piccolo!
Shin: Don't touch them!!
Shin: Don't!!
Shin: They've been changed to stone..!!!
Shin: If you touch them and break them they'll never be brought back to
Gohan: Crap!!!
Gokuh: Damn!
Doubler: Go away!!
Doubler: No one can oppose Lord Babidi!!

Announcer: Everyone! Please listen!!
Announcer: Listen please!!
Announcer: We're sorry to keep you waiting but there will be a break!!
Crowd: What're you doing!!
Crowd: C'mon!!
Goten: A break!!?
Goten: I wanted to fight soon
Trunks: It's all your brothers fault!!
Trunks: He let those weird guys beat him up!
Goten: It's not my brother's fault!!
Trunks: If that hadn't of happened the competition would've continued!!
Goten: Don't say bad things about my brother!!
Crowd: What is it?
Crowd: What happened?
Bozu: Are you okay Mighty Mask?
Bozu: Are you hurt?
Trunks: Nah, I'm okay
Trunks: Do better than that!!
Bozu: I think something's wrong...

Gohan: Kulilin
Gohan: Piccolo
Gokuh: Master Kaioshin!
Gokuh: You said, `If you break them they can't be brought back to normal,'
Gokuh: Does that mean there's a way to bring them back to life!!?
Shin: Only after..
Shin: Doubler's dead...
Gokuh: So there is a way
Gokuh: And it's simple!!
Gohan: Let's go Father!!!
Gohan: You are going aren't you!?
Gohan: We have to help Kulilin and Piccolo!!
Gokuh: Of course!
Gokuh: Let's go!!
Shin: Don't go!
Shin: Don't fall for his plans!!
Shin: Going into his spaceship is exactly what he wants you to do!!
Shin: We have to observe a little longer!!
Gokuh: I can't let Kulilin and Piccolo stay like that
Gohan: Me too!
Vegeta: Too bad, but we're bad a waiting
Shin: Shit...

Title: {Eyecatch}
CM break
Title: {Eyecatch}

Gokuh: Okay, let's go!
Gohan: Okay!
Babidi: Ho ho ho, here they come
Babidi: They really are simpletons
Doubler: They fell for the trap
Gokuh: What is this place?
Gokuh: It's just an empty room
Gohan: There's only the single door over there
Gohan: Shall we break in?
Gokuh: So you came in the end too, huh
Shin: It's because you're being foolish
Shin: It looks like once you enter this ship there is no way out, without
defeating Babidi
Gokuh: All we have to do is defeat Babidi...
Vegeta: If I wanted to I'd destroy this ship just to get out
Shin: Don't do it!! If you cause it a big shock, Majin Buu might be brought
back to life!
Shin: You're underestimating Babidi and Majin Buu!
Shin: Even if Majin Buu isn't all full power he's still strong enough to kill
us and destroy the Earth in no time!!
Babidi: So Kaioshin came too
Babidi: This is perfect
Vegeta: Even so, this is an empty room
Pipi: Lord Babidi
Pipi: Lord Babidi
Babidi: What do you want Pipi?
Pipi: Isn't it about time?
Babidi: Sorry to keep you waiting
Babidi: Okay Pipi take the energy from those three
Pipi: Yes sir!!
Pipi: Allow me!
Babidi: Oops, I forgot all about this
Babidi: I better give Majin Buu this energy
Babidi: We don't have to look, we already know how that fight's going to end
Doubler: Ah, yes sir
Pipi: Welcome...
Pipi: To the first stage!
Gohan: The first stage
Gokuh: What's that?
Pipi: Babidi is on the bottom floor
Pipi: However you will have to defeat the warriors on each stage in order to
Pipi: And your opponent on the first stage is me
Pipi: ...which means that you are all going to die here!
Gokuh: I don't think that's going to happen
Babidi: This is incredible!
Babidi: How'd they get this much energy at one time
Babidi: They were able to get almost half of the energy we need
Doubler: What are you saying!?
Babidi: How many hundreds of people did Yam and Supopo-Bitchi steal this
energy from?
Babidi: Oh well I didn't ask
Babidi: If they could get this much energy in that short a time, I probably
shouldn't have killed them
Doubler: What, it's okay
Doubler: With those three in there fighting we should almost get a full tank
of energy
Doubler: If things go well Majin Buu might be resurrected today
Babidi: That's why I invited them here
Babidi: I wonder if Pipi has finished taking care of those three yet
Babidi: Let's take a look, Doubler
Babidi: Let's see
Babidi: What!? They haven't started fighting yet
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Babidi: What are they doing?
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Boys: We'll probably draw!
Vegeta: I won
Gokuh: Are you sure Vegeta?
Vegeta: Okay, I'll start
Shin: Are you planning to fight by yourself!?
Vegeta: Of course, against him I'm more than strong enough
Pipi: Lord Babidi said they were strong so I should be careful, but it looks
like they're just idiots...
Vegeta: Isn't the idiot Babidi?
Vegeta: Because he didn't examine us better, you're going to regret this
Vegeta: It just happened that the strongest people in the universe happen to
be on the Earth
Pipi: You're the strongest?
Pipi: This is an example of an idiot
Shin: You should underestimate him
Shin: Babidi assembled the strongest warriors from around the universe!
Gokuh: Calm down, let Vegeta take care of this
Shin: But...
Pipi: You'll never leave here
Pipi: All the damage I cause you will become energy that this room will absorb
Pipi: ...and then will go straight to Lord Majin Buu
Vegeta: Now that I've heard that, I don't have to worry
Vegeta: If I don't get hurt, my energy won't be taken
Pipi: That's right
Pipi: Unfortunatly that's impossible
Pipi: As long as you have to fight me!
Vegeta: He's getting on my nerves...
Vegeta: That's enough talking, let's get this over with
Vegeta: Come get me!!
Doubler: That Vegeta is very stupid
Shin: Vegeta!
Narrator: The fight in Stage one has finally started
Narrator: Vegeta seems filled with confidence though...

Gokuh: Hiya! I'm Gokuh!
Gokuh: The Battle on Stage one has begun!!
Gokuh: What!? The atmosphere of the room's changed!
Gokuh: What's going on!?
Shin: It's Babidi
Shin: He's changed the stage!
Shin: To a location most advantageous to our opponent!
Gokuh: Next time on Dragon Ball Z -- Don't Mess with me!! Vegeta wins Stage
Gohan: His opponent was too weak, now Vegeta's pissed off!

Matt Runge(P.S. Ill be back 4 More Summaries,Scripts, ETC. later BYE!)


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