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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 220

Japanese version
220.-The appearence of Darkness! The Evil īMagician Babi-dee

Babi-dee is the person who controlls Supopo Bitch and Jam,because Babi-dee
has the power to control to all the people who have bad feelings(but
Babi-dee does not have any power to fight).Kibito and Great Kaiosama knew
that ,that's why they had entered to the Martial arts Tourney because they
had seen that Babi-dee and his team who saw that Gohan was the perfect
victim to whom tghey could steal energy.
As Videl has losted too much energy flying...Gohan tells Videl not to
continue doing it and that she had better return to the tourney and Videl
agrees and Gohan tells her to tell his mother that he would be OK... Videl
tells Gohan that she had already realized that his father(Mr. Satan)had not
been the man who had killed Cell ,7 years ago, and that that they were who
really had killed Cell(Gohan ,Goku ,etc)and that she had also realized that
Gohan was the ''Golden Gentleman'',then Videl leaves.So Gohan and Kibito fly
rapidly and they finally arrive where the other ones were.
Then Supopo Bitch and Jam arrive where Babi-dee was....there was also Dabura
the Evil King...Babi-dee had controlled him(as i sais Babi-dee can control
to all the people who have bad feelings)...and Kuririn tells Piccoro to be
careful,Piccoro becomes angry and tells Kuririn that that was in the
past.Goku tells Kuririn to retire of that place because he could not fight
against Dabura,Kuririn agrees.
Supopo Bitch gives the thing where the energy solen to Gohan was...Babi-dee
tells Supopo Bich is done and kills him...and also to Jam.Goku and the other
ones are scared.....

This is my review


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