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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 219
DBZ (Japanese) 
Episode #219: A Sneaky plan! Gohan's power gets stolen. 

As Gohan powers up, the battlefield begins to come apart. Kaioshin tells the 
Z Warriors that Gohan must power up to Super Saiyajin 2 so Yamu and 
Supopobitchi can take his energy. He says that once Gohan's power has been 
stolen, he can follow the two Majin Warriors to wherever they're hiding. 
Suddenly, the ground starts to tremble a lot more. Gohan's eyes turn green 
and his hair flashes gold. As Gohan's power rises, the tiles raise from the 
floor. A field of energy fills the entire ring. When the light clears, Kibit 
sees Super Saiyajin 2 Gohan, fully powered up. The tiles fall back into place 
on the floor. Supopobitchi can't believe the power reading from his energy 
gauge. Videl is also stunned by Gohan's display of power. Gohan turns and 
faces Kibit, ready to fight. 

Yamu and Supopobitchi suddenly race towards Gohan. Gohan turns and is about 
to attack, but Kaioshin releases a wave of energy that paralyzes him. 
Supopobitchi holds Gohan in place while Yamu begins to drain his energy. 
Krillin wants to help, but Piccolo holds him in place. Gohan reverts back to 
his normal form as his power falls. Videl flies to help him, but Goku keeps 
her away and assures her that Gohan will be okay. As the last of Gohan's 
energy is drained, a flash fills the entire stadium. Gohan falls to the 
ground and the two Majin warriors fly away. Kaioshin quickly follows them. 
Videl runs to Gohan, who can barely remain conscious. Meanwhile, Vegeta 
begins to get angry, but Goku calms him down. Piccolo suddenly flies away 
towards where Kaioshin is heading. Goku flies to Kibit and asks him what he 
can do for Gohan. Kibit tells Goku not to worry; Gohan will be fine. Goku and 
Vegeta leave, as does Krillin after saying good-bye to #18. 

Kibit places his hand on Gohan's back and begins to concentrate. A glow 
surrounds Gohan and soon restores his power. As he gets up, Kibit races 
towards where the other Z Warriors are going. Gohan is about to leave as well 
when Videl tells Gohan that she wants to go, too. Gohan argues at first, but 
soon agrees to let her come. The two of them fly away behind Kibit. As Yamu 
and Supopobitchi celebrate their success, Kaioshin and the Z Warriors follow 
close behind. Gohan and Videl catch up to Kibit, who is pleased to see that 
Gohan wants to help. Meanwhile, Kaioshin tells Goku and the other Z Warriors 
about Babidi and his plan to resurrect Majin Buu. Goku wonders about this 
"Buu" but Kaioshin warns him that Majin Buu has the power to destroy the 
universe. Vegeta is pleased at the thought of fighting such a powerful being, 
but Kaioshin tells him that he would be no match for this creature. As 
Kaioshin explains about Majin Buu's creation by Bibidi, Kibit is telling the 
same story to Gohan and Videl. They continue to follow the two Majin warriors 
to their hideaway. 


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