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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 218

Japanese Version
218.-Unmasked!!! The great Saiya-Man is Son Gohan

Gohan didn't know how to enter to the room where Videl was resting(after
receiving terrible hits in her last battle)because many reporters were
intervieing Mr. Satan so Gohan returned where Kuririn,Piccoro,Vegete,No.18
and Goku were seeing a battle..but in the way Gohan's classmates(a girl and
a boy)saw him but they couldn'trecognize him because he was with his
Meanwhile Goku was with Master Karim and Jajirobe...eating(because he says
that in the heaven you don't have the need to eat,that's why he does it
everytime he has the opportunity to do it).Karim has a bad feeling so he
tells Goku to return to the tourney,Goku returns there and gives Gohan an
hermit seed to give it to Videl.Gohan gives it to Videl and he finally goes
to fight against Kibito.
Videl's friends finally recognize Gohan and they tell Gohan not to use his
sunglasses because he looks much better without the sunglasses. Gohan is nervous because he does not want to show his power, because if
everybody sees his powers he could not return to his college. Piccoro tells everyone that the against whom he had fought is the god and
Supreme Kaiosama.
Kibito tells Gohan to show all his power...

This is my review.
My name is Carla Argandoņa.


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