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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 213

cap:213.-What will you do Mr.Satan? The greatest crisis in history.

Now that Mr.Satan has seen the great power that has the little Trunks,he
doesn't know what to do.So he plans to go to the battle place and to make
the people think that he is going to let Trunks win the battle .So when he
enters to the battle place , he asks Trunks if he is the boy who is going to
fight and which unique porpouse is to win to the great Mr. Satan .All the
people is excited to see that battle and they think that Trunks is a poor
boy,because he is going to fight against the strongest man in the world who
killed Cell(which is not true).Goten who is near tells Trunks to use all his
power ,but when Mr. Satan hears that he tells Goten not to say that(he says
that because he knows that if Trunks uses all his power his reputation will
go to the trash).On that moment Mr. Satan thinks if that is just a dream he
would like somebody wakes up to him). So Krilin says that it would be better
to go to see if the selection of the best fighters(for the tournament of
adults) has already finished ,so, Goku, Vegeta ,No.18, Piccolo and Gohan
follow to Krillin and Videl asks if they are not going to see the battle of
Mr. Santan vs. Trunks, and Gohan says that Videl is right and that that was
going to be a good battle,so Gohan stays with Videl.
Trunks does some excercises to begin the battle with Mr. Satan and when Mr.
Satan sees to Trunks ,he scares and tells Trunks not to take that battle so
seriously ,but Trunks tells to Mr. Satan that he wants to fight using all
his power and Mr. Satan says to Trunks to act as a normal kid , but as Mr.
Satan sees that doesn't want to help Mr. Satan says that his knee is hurting
to him because of the battle that he had against Cell...and the host says
that he is going to call to the doctor,but when Mr. Satan hears that ,he
suddenly says that he is ok and that he is ready to fight.Mr. Satan tells
Trunks not to use all his power and that he is going to let Trunks win the
battle (nobody hears what Mr. Satan proposes Trunks).And the host says that
the battle has began , Mr. Satan shows his face to Trunks to make Trunks
give him a fisticuff,but intead of that Trunks uses all his power ,Mr.Satan
goes out the battle place with such a power ,that he goes directly to the
wall...after a while he stunds up and says that he is realy hurt and that
Trunks has won the battle(he says that just to make the people think that he
has let Trunks win the battle).Then Mr. Satan goes directly to his cabin and
begins to sream telling that Trunks didn't have to use all his power . At that moment Piccolo , Vegeta ,Goku ,Krilyn and No.18 are going to eat
something.And when they were eating,Videl and Gohan appear there and Gohan
tells everyone that Trunks had won the battle and that was because Mr. Satan
had let trunks win the battle ,and Krillyn says that he had imagined that
and that Mr. Satan is an astute guy , Videl becomes angry about what Krillyn
had said,Gohan asks Krillyn not to say things like that. As Gohan ,Goku and
Vegeta , where eating too much Videl gets impressed about that and Krillyn
says that maybe the "saiyajins" have a big stomach that's why they eat so
much , and Videl asks Krillin to explain that(about "saiyajins"), and Gohan
tells Krillyn to shut up.When they finish eating they go out and see two
strange men ,one of them tell Goku that he had heard talking about Goku and
his great abitities, and they tell Goku that they had also passed the prove
to be in the martial arts tourney,then this two men leave...

This has been my review...
My name is Carla.


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