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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 211

Japanese Version
211.-It's my turn ! Goten's nerves First Fight.-
The other battles in the tourney for kids go on ...the fight between Iguse ,who is 10 years old,vs Goten whop is 7 years old begins.(Iguse is tyhe second child of that fat lady ).
Goten is nervious, meanwhile Bulma discusses with the fat lady about who is going to win in that battle.When the host sees Goten , he remembers Goku when Goku was just a little boy,so that is how the host realizes that Goten is Goku's son.Meanwhile the machine (to see the level of power)is still being repaired .
Trunks doesn't want to see the battle because he knows which are going to be the results Iguse tries to kick and to give a punch to Goten but Goten can any movement that Iguse does ,so Goten decides to give his first hit ,just with this hit Iguse falls down .Bulma disturbs the fat lady and the fat lady becomes angry and when she is going to give a punch to Bulma ,ChiChi appears and gives the fat lady a punch .The combats continue ...and the finally battle is between ...Trunks and Goten.Gohan wishes to see the combat....and then finally the machine has been repaired ,but there are like ten men in front Gohan and Videl.
Mr.Satan who was sleepeng ,wakes up to see the final battle(because Mr.Satan is going to fight against the winner Goten(7 years old), and Trunks(8 years old) begin the battle ,this battle makes the people, who are watching the battle , surprise.Finally ,Videl and Gotan go to see the battle .Both Goten and Trunks have an amazing power ...but Trunks is much more inteligent than Goten when he fights(he is just like Vegeta, when he fights) Trunks has more chances to win .Bulma tells Trunks to win the battle ,in the same way ChiChi tells Goten to win.
Suddenly , Both Goten and Trunks stop fighting and look at each other ....Videl is really surprised .All the people ,including the host are really happy to see this wonderful battle.
who is going to win???,you will see it in the next episode.
This is my review
Vegeta's Fan


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