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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 208

Japanese Version
208.-Welcome back Son Goku ! The whole Z team is Gathered .-

Now ,Videl can flote high ..but flight better than her he flight very
fast,when Videl sees that says Gohan that she will continuegoing to his
house until she learns how to fly correctly,so Gohan goes flying where Goten
is flying ,and tells not to fly in that way when Videl is there (Gohan
doesn't want that Goten shows Videl his abilities).Then Gohan returns where
is Videl ,Videl asks Gohan what he has told to Goten ,Gohan says that he was
just telling Goten how to fly correctly.Videl decides to rest because as she
doesn't control her KI she cannot flote in the air for a long time .Videl
asks Gohan not to tell to her father (Mr.Satan) that she can flote in the
air because she wants to give a surprise to her father in the tourney and
also because if her father knows that she is going to the house of a man he
could become angry about that. Gohan asks Videl if her father teached her
how tofight ,but she answers"no" because she thinks as her father is the
strongest man in the world,which as we know is not true,she couldn't support
his training ,Gohan realizes that Videl doesn't know that she is much more
stronger than her father.Videl also tells Gohan that if her father looses
the Tourney it won't be any problem for her because she thinks that as her
father is an arrogant person ,it will be fine if he looses because he would
also loose his arrogance.Videl also tells Gohan that her father began to be
like that since her mother died a long time ago.Videl asks Gohan who had
trianed to him ,Gohan answers"my father,before he died ",then Goten appears
and tells Videl that his father (Goku) is going to come from the heaven to
fight in the Tourney,then Gohan tells Goten that he is an stupid...Videl
doesn't understands because Gohan had told her that their father had died
,but then she thinks that maybe their father abandoned them when they where
just babies and that they also have problems with their parents. Then after some days,Videl can finally fly .Then she decides to go to train
for the tourney and says Gohan "thank you"for teaching her how to fly. Vegeta and Trunks continue training,Vegeta surprises when he sees that
Trunks can support a hard training.
Piccolo,Kuririn,No.18 are also training,except by Mr.Satan because he is so
arrogant that he thinks he doesn't have the need to train for the tourney. The day for the Tourney has finally come ...meanwhile, Goku is in the
highest level of a mountain relaxing and traing to find the internal peace. All the Z team , including ChiChi,Ox-King,Master Roshi,Pual ,Oolong,Marron
and Bulma are going to the island where is going to be developed the Martial
Arts Tourney.Yamcha is the only one that isn't goin to participate in the
Gohan asks Vegeta,Trunks and Goten not to become into Super Saiyan during
the Tourney,Vegeta asks why ,Bulma tells him that if they become into Super
Saiyan there is going to be confusion between the people because everybody
is going to recognize them becuase all the people saw them in the TV during
the tourney with Cell.Vegeta finally accepts that.
When they arrive to the island they see many people looking to Mr. Satan as
a hero,which as we know is not true.They find Piccolo,and finally Goku appears and everyone is happy to see him,then Goku sees to his
little son Goten and he holds Goten between his arms .
Then they go to the registration .As Goten and Trunks are just children they
are going to participate in the Tourney for kids....
This Tourney will bring us many surprises .....

This is my review
Vegeta's Fan

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