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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 207 - Videl Learns to Fly

Dragonball Z - Japanese subb titled  

207 - Videl Learns How to Fly

At the begining gohan says it is all about controlin your KI and Videl does not know what this is. Gohan trys to explain it but cant. So goten says it is this and fires a blast and blows up a rock. Gohan asks her what she calls it and she says a trick.

Goten goes off to play somewhere so gohan can teach videl how to control this power. Gohan shows her and then she trys with out much luck.

Cut to  gohan goten and videl eating and videl says that she has a personal chef and 50 rooms in her house then Chichi asks gohan when are they goin to get married!!

Goten chasing frogs with a net. Videl makes a ball of energy and gohan tells her she must be able to control it better before flying.

Goku is training with 4, 2 ton wieghts on, one on each limb. Sothern kaio turns up and has a fighter called papoi. He says that papoi is stronger then goku so king kiao gets thesorthern kaio to increase each weight to 10 tons each. He does it and goku goes super saiyan and is trianing like there where no weights.

Goten and videl are trying too fly goten is jumping up and down like a monkey, and videl is trying to control her ki like gohan said.

Gohan tells goten not to use his legs but use his ki. Goten starts hovering almost imediately he starts flying about slowly.

Goten falls  out of the sky and looks liek he is gunna cry. Videl finally getts a couple of feet of the ground. And says that is incredible you did it in just one day. Then we you here a shout hey look at me i can do it, goten is flying about really fast in the sky!! :) goten is such a funny character!!

Videl says she will be back tommorrow and gohan sujest she she cuts her hair sh gets angery and goes.

Vegeta is training in 150 times gravity and trunks is in there to struggling to walk so he turns into a super saiyan and starts jumping and running about vegeta is miffed!! Quite funny.

Vegeta tells trunks that if he can hit him in the face even once he will take trunks to the amusment park. Trunks jumps in and manages to hit him so vegeta clocks trunks in the face. Vegeta tells trunks that if he does not cry he will take him the the amusment park. Vegeta does not like it the trunks is oly a little stronger then goten.

Videl turn up and she has cut her hair! Gohan says i dont under stand girls

The end

Doubleup dan  


Hello all out there. evan5000 writing yet another episode for the faithful viewer. I'm very sorry I haven't wrote a summary in a month. But today, my goal is to write three. So, well just have to see. Now, onto the summary.
    The episode starts with Gohan explaining to Goten and Videl he will teach them to fly, which is not so hard as long as you control your ki, though going faster is much tougher. Videl does not understand what "ki" is. Gohan tries to explain that its hidden power in your body, but Goten shows her by using a little power and blowing up a rock. Gohan exclaims that that's right while Videl is open-jawed. Videl can't believe this and believes its magic, to which she can't do. Gohan tells Goten run away now, as he now needs to teach Videl to control her ki.
They both sit down and Gohan shows her how to control, but relaxing and letting your inner power come. Do show this, he puts his hands apart and eventually a little ball of energy comes. Videl now tries. She can't do it.
Next we are taken back to the house for lunch. Videl loves the food and tells Chi-Chi its better than the chef cooks. Chi-Chi asks if they own a restaurant, to which Videl explains they have a chef at there house. Chi-Chi goes crazy and asks if there rich and how many rooms are in her house. Videl thinks about and finally says that they have 50 rooms, and Chi-Chi goes berserk. Now Chi-Chi can't wait for Gohan to marry her, and Gohan spits all his rice across the table into Goten's hair. Goten asks if they are and Gohan immediately answers no.
While Goten is trying to catch a frog, Videl tries again. This time, she succeeds. She falls from exhaustion but gets up with a smile. She asks if she can fly yet, to which Gohan tells her no.
Were taken to Goku training with King Kai. Goku has weights on his legs, and arms. South Kaio comes with a huge warrior and asks the weight goku's using. Kaio tells him 2 tons each and invites South Kaio to join in a tournament in a planet nearby. Kaio asks if he wants the weights put to 10 tons each. Goku explains that its too much, and South kaio laughs at Kaio's joke. Kaio tells Goku he can go SSJ, and Goku tells him then its all right. South Kaio does the honors of the change of weights using a spell. Goku almost falls with the new weights until he goes SSJ, where he easily is able to move. Kaio tells South Kaio the tournament is in 28 days on Earth. South kaio makes the excuse that its actually a waste of time and leaves.
Now were taken back to Gohan, where Goten is trying to jump and Videl is standing straight. Gohan tells Goten to float on his ki, to which he concentrates very hard.


Dragonball Zed
Japanese Episode 207:
"'Whoah! I Flew!' Biideru Learns to Fly!"

Previously, Biideru had learned Son Goahan's alter ego, the Great Saiyaman. So now not only is Gohan being forced into the Tenkaichi Budoukai, but he is as well training Biideru in the art of Bukujutsu, flying.

After promising Goten a lesson in flight as well, Gohan remembers his promised to Biideru. Gohan opens up the lesson for the two by telling them that they must learn to float using their ki. Unfortunately, Biideru doesn't have the foggiest clue as to what ki is, so Gohan must teach Biideru to control her ki on the side as Goten plays.

In the Afterlife, Northern Kaiou is observing Son Gokuu's weight training. Gokuu has weights strapped to his arms and legs as he throws punches and kicks while in flight. Southern Kaiou comes along with his student Papui. He mocks his training method, but North-sama offers that South-sama change the weights to 40 tons. After doing so, it seems Gokuu is being dragged down. But it seems like nothing when he levels up to Super Saiyan. Another arrogant victory for North-sama!

Biideru finally learns how to form her ki into a ball. She learns to float in the air, a while after Goten, and then is off back to her fathers super-mansion. Gohan quickly thows in that she might want to cut her hair shorter, but Biideru thinks he is coming on to her and blushes. Gohan explains that he says so because her hair might get in her eyes... then Biideru goes into "Fire-breathing" mode. Gohan does not understand girls...

- Makankoposo

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