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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 206 - Gohan is Surprised too!  Goten's Explosive Power!

Hello again fellow DBZ fans. Sorry for taking a long time again, but Winter Break and I was trying to get outside a bit. Anyway, if any of you have a specific episode that you want me to summarize that's past ep. 196 in Japanese, e-mail me at Alright, let's begin.


We begin the episode with Krillin getting a full-on assault by his wife, 18. Marron, their baby, wakes up and so does Master Roshi. Both comment on how early it is.


We are quickly taken to Goku's house, with Goten and Gohan saying goodbye to there mom as they are ready to begin there training. As they are leaving, Goten is warned not to get in the way of his brother's training as because they need the money. they rush to a nearby field and gohan tells goten he's going to begin.


We now get sent to heaven, where the witch lady is being asked why she is allowing goku to go back to Earth by the Great Kaio. Goku is doing some exercises and the witch lady ask the Great Kaio if he can train Goku. He makes up an excuse (which shows he wouldn't be able to help Goku in his training.)


Next, we are taken to SSJ Gohan as he closes his eyes concentrating. He opens his eyes, about to train, when Goten interrupts asking him if he thinks a bug he found is cute. Gohan starts again, and opens his eyes to fight. Immediately Goten interrupts showing Gohan a lizard he captured. Gohan tells Goten that they came there to train and that he should go train somewhere else. Once again, Gohan prepares. Only this time, he trains, destroying every rock in his path. He's yet again interrupted, only this time Goten has managed to grab the tail of a huge dinosaur. he gets thrown through a huge rock, and manages to only get a bump on his head. No Gohan is fed up with this and tell Goten just to sit down. Gohan begins training some more and can't stay mad at that face for too long. Soon he asks Goten to help him train.


Goten gathers a bunch of pebbles together. Goten asks the reason for this and Gohan replies telling him its to re-build his reflexes. Gohan then draws a line, and tells Goten top throw from there. Meanwhile, Gohan stands very close to line. Gohan tell goten to throw as hard as possible and Goten is scared its too close. Gohan misjudges Goten and tells him its fine. Goten throws, and it barely skim's Gohan's neck. Goten's impressed by brother's speed and tells him he'll start throwing faster. Gohan is freaked out by the speed of Goten and quickly stops that and moves the line 10ft.back. Goten begins throwing again, to which Gohan dodges them all. He tells Goten to move keep moving closer, and teases him for not going faster. Goten stops throwing and asks if he can change like Gohan (into a SSJ in other words.) Gohan laughs at the idea and agrees he can if he can do it, which he doubts. He tells Goten it takes lots of training to do that. Gohan's telling him of his training when Goten powers up and GOES SSJ!!! Gohan can't believe it.


Gohan asks how long he's been able to do that, to which Goten can't remember. Gohan asks if he would like to spare, being that he could be a good competitor. Goten agrees telling him Ch-Chi taught him a lot of stuff. Gohan can't believe this and recognizes that his mom's views have changed since Goku died. Gohan's next question is whether mom knows he can go SSJ. Goten nods, and a flashback of him and his mom sparring occurs. Goten is being kicked around until his hair changes to gold and he hits Ch-Chi really hard. he goes to check his mom's all right and as she looks into Goten's face, she's sees Goku. She immediately begins crying, claiming Goten has turned into a punk. Goten now talk saying he was told to not do it again. Gohan once again laughs saying how mom does like SSJ's very much.


They begin there sparring, to which it is equal.  Suddenly, Gohan flies up and Goten doesn't, saying that that's unfair to fly. Gohan realizes that Goten can't fly, even though he's a SSJ. Goten whines saying its not fair, to which Gohan promises to teach him how to fly. Videl comes in a plane, and Gohan remembers he promised her that he would teach her how to fly. Goten asks what's wrong, and Gohan tells him that he will have someone else he also needs to teach and to not show Videl his true power, as that would make her jealous that a 6 or 8 year old is stronger than her.


They arrive home in time to see Ch-Chi and Videl arguing, with Chi-Chi thinking he tries to take Gohan so they can get married (which is ironic to what happens down the road.) Videl wonders why she would say such a thing, and Goten remarks that that's where her and Goku got married.) Flashbacks occur of the 2 having a good time. The episode ends with Videl and Chi-Chi exchanging glares. if you lived through this, then you know you really like dbz, cause frankly its tough to like an episode after writing such an extensive summary about it. Talk to ya later and don't forget to e-mail me

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