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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 205   Son Goku's Resurrected as Well!! He's coming to the Tenkachi Budokai.

evan5000 here again writing another summary. And just to remind you, you can e-mail me at anytime at I'm also always posting messages at the pojo message board. Onto the summary!
    We first begin with a plane starting to crash, when suddenly the Great Saiya Man saves the plane. Reports ask him some questions but he replies with his dance. he then decides to fly off to Capsule Corp. to tell everyone the news that he's entering the tournament.
    he gets to Capsule Corp and is faced with a problem. he can't waer a helmet because it would be considered cheating, so they need something else for a disguise. They finally resolve to a bandanna and a pair of sunglasses (but one thing's that interesting to note is during this time Bulma smokes, which is the only time I've seen her do it.) While there, vegita comments on how he's wasting his body and Trunk thinks his costume is really ugly. Suddenly, Goku's voice comes and tells him he's using his one day he has on earth (which is a wish I guess all dead people can have) to particapate in the tournament. Gohan's excited and rushes to tell the others
    he goes to Roshi's place where Krillin now has hair and a baby named Marron (wonder where he thought of that name?) He tells them of Goku and both 18 and krillin agree to go. But before he leaves, Krillin tells Gohan how ugly the costume is.
    As he's going home to tell Chi-Chi, he sees there making a movie about the Great Saiya man and is chosen for the part. nobody realizes its the actual person and when he leaves via flying they finally get it.
    he goes home to tell his mom, who is overjoyed that Goten will finally be able to see his dad. gohan tells her of the prize money and is given permission to train for the rest of the time.
This episode was ok, but next episode is really funny. until next time


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