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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 204   A Great Theft! And the Culprit is The Great Saiya-man

Sorry you guys for not writing earlier, but I'm in school and to add on I'm lazy. But I finally wrote it. Before I start this one, I thought I should say something. You may not believe, but when you send a comment to a person you really do inspire them to go. So I'm going to dedicate this one to DEEBDIGI or Megajax89, which ever one this person was. Don't forget to keep on writing to me at . Now, Enjoy the summary
    The episode start with Gohan flying home to be told that Goten flting animal, Chibi, is gone and he couldn't of flown away because he's not old enough. There at home listening to the news when they here there's a new monster at the circus. Suprise Suprise, its Chibi. Gohan immediately goes to the circus and begs to the head hauncho, but all he sees Chibi as is a money machine. Gohan decides in order to save Chibi he must kidnap it back.
    Saiya man steals Chibi, but someone sees him and without time the police are chasing him. Videl shows up thinking that this is a great time to get back what Saiya man stole and to fight him and to reveal who he is. Saiya Man is afraid if he doesn't get him back soon the parents will come and all sorts of stuff will happen. To give a visual of what his parents look like, think of a Teradactyl times 100 and you got it.
    So Videl and Saiya Man fight a bit, when suddenly the parents come and there not too happy. Gohan thinks they would recognize him and calm down, but they stay angry. Gohan tries telling them its him, and slips saying his name is Gohan.Saiya Man has to resort to hitting the dad and taking him and the son back to the mountains. The next day Videl reveals Gohan is Saiya man and threatens Gohan saying he must go to the World martial Arts Tournament or else she'll tell. He must also teach her how to fly before hand.
    Episode was stupid again, and the only major thing is Videl revealed Gohan's true indetity and he now must go to the Tournament.  I can't wait for Episodes 206 & 207, both favorites out of all of dbz. Stay tuned and keep checking back for more summaries


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