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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 203 - Gohan, You must move quick!  Save Videl ...


Hello again all you fans of DBZ. Trustworthy evan5000 is here again with another very descriptive summary. And don't forget, if you have any question or comments on the show, e-mail me at  or look for me on the DBZ message board. Anyway, onto the summary.

    We start off with the Great Saiya Man flying through the air when suddenly Videl in her jet flies next to him. A chase begins and in the end the Great Saiya Man puts her plan on a building so she'll stop bothering him.
The episode then flashes to the classroom, where Videl enters. A high school remarks that it's common for Videl to be late but today Gohan was too. Videl begins to get suspicious.
We are then taking to outside the school, when a gang drives past the school and hit over a cop car. When they stop, Gohan is in the way telling them that they should stop. Gohan is about to put his karate moves on when he sees Videl and so he purposely takes a fall. Videl leaps in, and saves him. Videl admits to him that she thought he was the Great Saiya Man, but after allowing that hit he couldn't of been it.
    Next scene the mayor is held hostage until the leader has the chance to fight Mr.Satan. Mr.Satan never comes so Videl attends instead but is beaten up. Gohan tries to leave pretend he needs to go to the bathroom, but the teacher won't let him. By stomping his feet accidentally, e creates an earthquake and leave the school. The Great Saiya Man appears, beats them all up, and saves Videl. The end of the ep. Videl's friend remarks that Gohan came back just before she did. Gohan was following behind but is suddenly gone when she looks around.
    This episode was ok, but once again nothing major happened. It probably won't get really interesting till ep. 210 in my opinion, but certainly don't let that stop you from reading my coming ep. summaries.


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