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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 202 - Gohan's Mixed Up First Date

Hello everyone, evan5000 again. Today's episode was Gohan's first date.

The episode starts off with having Gohan in his costume land on the school roof. he transforms backs into himself and there's a girl on the roof, which is looking at him. He doesn't know whether she saw him or not, so he runs to class. She winds up being in class and is sent outside for daydreaming, and so is the girl. The girl reveals she knows his secret and he must go on a date with her. Gohan agrees.

When Gohan gets home, he asks his mom what a date is like, and she remembers when she and goku went out and they fought because that's what he liked to do. So Gohan meets his date in the city, where they watch a movie and afterwards go to a tea shop. As there leaving the tea shop, a building has caught fire and Gohan leaves to help out. Videl is an trouble and Saiya Man saves her. Videl catches Gohan sneaking around where the fire was and asks what he's doing there. Gohan's date shows up thinking that Videl is Gohan's girlfriend, so she tells her the secret. Gohan wears teddy bear underwear. Gohan is in disbelief that this was the secret and your left with Videl now curious then ever to figure out Gohan.

I personally thought this was a below average episode because there was no fighting, the girl was just annoying, and nothing happened. Keep watching for my next review, 203!


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