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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 201 - The Debut of the Champion

This is evan5000 again writing for you fans of dbz. Before I start the Summary, I just want to say that probably most of the summaries after episode 200 will be done by me. Anyway, onto the show!

We start off with Gohan on the Kinto-Cloud flying towards Capsule Corp. to meet up with Bulma. When he arrives, he explains his situation about needing a costume and Bulma replies she can make one in 2 hours. So time goes by and in that span he talks with trunks about training with his dad in the gravity room, and vegita tells gohan he really shouldn’t be wasting his body with school. So Bulma’s finished and Gohan tries on his new costume. He falls in love with it immediately and flies off on the Kinto-Cloud towards home.

On the way, he passes by Satan City and spots a crazy driver running a mock. He transforms immediately and stops the car. When they ask who he is, he proclaims he is the Great Saiya-Man. The simply laugh at the name and costume, which causes Gohan to stamp the ground violently, giving way his power. The men become scared and say its a cool name and they won’t drive stupidly again. Gohan then flies off towards home.

When he arrives home, we meet a new character named Goten, who looks exactly like a young Goku and adores his brother. He shows off the new threads and spends the whole night transforming in and out of Great Saiya-Man. He leaves for the school the next morning, not needing the Kinto-Cloud anymore because he is now disguised and can go faster.

At school, Gohan learns Videl is the daughter of Mr.Satan and is considered strong by her peers. Her watch suddenly beeps, telling her the police need her help with a carjacking. Videl leaves and Gohan says he needs to go to the bathroom.He leaves towards the scene.

The rest of the episode has to do with the carjacking, at which Videl stops the bad guys but the fall of a cliff. Luckily, the Great Saiya-Man saves them all, and now Videl is more curios than ever to find out who it is.

If you were able to read all of this, I congratulate, as I basically left out no details. If you have any comments about my Summaries, send them to Until I write, Adios

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