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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 200 - Seven Year's since that event.  From now on, I'm a High Schooler!

Hi, My name is evan5000.

So the story starts out as it has been seven years since the destruction of Cell. Gohan is now in High school and attends school, at Orange Star High School in Satan City, the city named after the man who defeated Cell (what a joke!) Anyway, the ep starts out as Gohan is going to Satan City and he see’s a bank robbery in place. He says to himself “Not again” and goes SSJ, then beating the bad guys booties. It happens so fast that Videl, Mr. Satan’s daughter, misses it all. All she gets from one witness is that it was the Golden Haired Warrior again and he had a badge on, just like the one Videl had (which is the badge for Orange Star HS) So class starts and the teacher explains that there’s a new student (Gohan) who aced the exam and is a very good student.Videl’s friend thinks Gohan is cute and has him sit next to her.

Then the ep. goes through 5 min. of dialogue where the friend and Videl ask questions. Videl asks where she has seen him before and remembers him being a witness to bank robbery. Her friend ask where he lives and they explain how even if he took a jet that would take 5 hours to get to school. While this is going on he’s trying to hide himself as being the Golden Haired Warrior, because Bulma and Chi-Chi told him it would cause a big commotion. 

The next scene is P.E, where there playing baseball. Gohan gets put on Videl’s team and this huge buff guy is up to bat, with Gohan in right field and a man on third. Videl delivers the pitch and the buff guy smashes the ball, which Gohan forgets that he shouldn’t fly and jumps 8 meters in the sky, robbing him of a homer. Try not to throw it to hard to third (which fails) he knocks over the third basemen and realizes what he has just done with flying. next he’s up to bat and the buff guy gets revenge on him for stealing his homer by pegging him in the head, which has no effect on Gohan. Gohan runs the bases and comments on how lucky he is. Its the end of school and Videl follows him to see how he gets home. He goes behind a building and when Videl looks he’s gone. Gohan uses the kinto-cloud to fly away and remarks what a tiring day. Sorry for making this a long episode but a lot of stuff happened and its the first episode in the Buu saga.  This episode was okay, but the baseball scene is really funny. 

Look for my other reviews


Japanese Episode 200
Seven Years Since That Event!
>From Today I'm a High School Student

This episode begins at the Satan City bank where a group of burglars are
robbing it. It then cuts to a now teenage Gohan riding on Kintoun while it's
explained that Chichi didn't want to home-school him for his entire life, and
that there are no schools near where Gohan lives. Gohan eventually reaches
the entrance of Satan city, and jumps off of Kintoun. When he lands he
mentions how everyone thinks that Mr Satan defeated Cell. The episode then
cuts back to the bank robbery, where the burglars are escaping with their
money. Then it goes back to Gohan who is worried that he's going to be late.
Noticing that there are no people around him, he decides to run to school
*very* fast. He stops when he looks to his left and sees the bank robbery. To
conceal his identity,  Gohan goes SSJ, then proceedes to kick the burglars'
asses. The bystanders and police stare in awe at the easy defeat of the
burglars as Gohan meets Videl who asks what happened. Gohan pretends to know
nothing about it, and starts to walk to school again. A bystander mentions to
Videl that it was the Golden Haired Warrior, and that he had an Orange Star
High School badge like the one that she's wearing. It then goes to Orange
Star High School to a classroom where Videl is asking a student with long,
blond hair, named Sharpener is he's the Golden Haired Warrior. He denies it
saying that he's too busy with club activities in the morning to be a crime
fighter. Gohan is then introduced to the class, while the girl sitting next
to Videl, Eliza mentions that he's cute and just her type. The teacher
mentions that Gohan got perfect scores on all of the entrance exams, and
tells Gohan to take a seat. Eliza offers a seat for Gohan, where he proceedes
to sit. ~*~Commercial Break~*~ Gohan is introduced to Eliza, and Videl. Gohan
learns that Videl is Mr Satan's daughter. Gohan also finds out that the
Golden Haired Warrior is very famous in the city.. Videl notices Gohan is
wearing the same clothes that she hear the Golden Haired Warrior was, but
Sharpener says that there's a saying that he who is good at studying is bad
at fighting, and that his hair isn't even blond. Eliza too says that Gohan
looks very weak. Videl thinks to herself that on the tapes of the Cell Game,
there were people whose hair could turn gold. Eliza asks Gohan where he
lives, and Gohan tells her he lives at 439 East, which is over a thousand
killometers away from Satan City! After some talking and reading, it goes to
a gym where Mr Satan mentions that someone is spreading rumors about him
again, and that it's hard beeing famous. It then goes back to Orange Star
High School where Gohan and some other students are playing baseball. Gohan
is on Videl's team, where he is assigned to guard right field. Videl pitches
the ball to Sharpener, who hits what would be a home run, if Gohan hadn't
made an 8 meter jump to catch it, then thrown the ball to second making a
double play, and getting the third out. Gohan realizes that he didn't hold
back enough as everyone is in awe. As Videl's team is now batting, they start
with number 8, which is Gohan's number. Sharpener throws a fast ball hitting
Gohan in the side of his head. Everyone is staring in disbelief as it didn't
even affect Gohan. Gohan then walks to first base, thinking that he didn't
stand out. Now it goes to a hall where Sharpener tells Gohan that he should
join the boxing club because he seems to be very strong. Gohan declines, and
Eliza tells him that it's because Gohan lives very far away. She asks Gohan
for a ride home, but he says that his car only holds one. (Since when was
Kintoun a car?) On his way home, Videl is suspicious about how he doesn't use
a car or a jet flyer to go home, and follows him, until he loses her by
jumping on top of a building. It then shows Gohan flying home on Kintoun,
deciding to see Bulma about getting a costume while he's fighting crime
instead of just going SSJ, as the episode ends.


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