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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 199

I would like to make a review of dbz in the japanese episodes
Episode 199 title Son Goku vs. Pikuhan,the battle continues.What, disqualification?
                The episode begins with Son Goku(akready a super saiyajin) and Pikuhan. the kai's were confused,so King Kai explains to them to them about Son Goku.Goku suddenly fired a KameHameHa,But Pikuhan just dodges it with a smile.Goku senses Pikuhan everywhere he goes and fires a series of powerful blasts,but none of them hit Pikuhan.goku looks for him,then Pikuhan tells him to look up.Now Pikuhan fired a Hyper Tornado Attack.Goku dodges it but still got caught in Pikuhan's attack,Goku was dragged in the tornado and circled around and cut numerous times.Pikuhan tells Goku that he can't escape the attack and told him to give up,Goku recovers and powers up and breaks up the tornado.then goku uses the Super Kaio Ken(Goku turns hot red)and punches Pikuhan hard,sending him crashing into a meteor.Pikuhan charges to goku.Goku tries to do kame hame ha but the only words he said was "KameHame"then Pikuhan crashes into Goku and stops him from doing the attack,but landed into the ring and continued the KameHameHa(Only a little blast).There was a struggle,Pikuhan stopscharging and lands on the ring.every one was amazed by their power.
                Goku and pikuhan flies up and blast at each other which sends them spinning up out of control.They recovered amd land on the ceiling and start fighting.The doesn't see them butthe Grand Kai is watching them.Goku suddenly fired a KameHameHa at Pikuhan,butPikuhan deflects it.Then Goku realizes he must do the attack while Pikuhan is off-guard.Suddenly Pikuhan hit goku crashing to the ground.Pikuhan lands and uses the Thunder Flash attack 2 times in a row hitting Goku hard also burning the crowd and the Kai's.Now Pikuhan is about to use the attack again while Goku stayed calm while looking for a weak spot,when Pikuhan was about to attack Goku teleports to the side of Him and fired a KameHameHa at him and sends pikuhan out of the ring.Goku wins the match!!
        Gokuhelped Pikuhan up and told him that it was a mistake to use the thunder flash attack a third time.When he used it the third time he had enough timeto look for a weak spot.Pikuhancongratulates goku and walks away.Suddenly Grand Kai announces that Pikuhan and Goku are disqualified because they landed on the ceiling  because ceiling also serves as the outside of the ring.Then Grand Kai just said maybe 200or 300 of traningfor they can train with them.Then he said to himself that he will just get tired to train a kid like Son Goku
        Several years later,on Earth,a teenage Gohan(seventeen years old)was just getting ready to go to highschool.Suddenly,Chichi came out of the house and gave him his food then Gohan screamed "Kinton Cloud" and went to Highschool.I guess thats it.-Karlo Ramos

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